January 2019 Intermittent Fasting Diary!


Tuesday, January 1: I decided to start the year with a cheat day. Last night was a good night out and all thought of fasting went suitably out the window.

Tuesday/Wednesday (Jan. 1 & 2): While fasting was forgotten in the morning, it was back on the table Tuesday evening. I finished eating for the day a little after 6 p.m., and the fasting clock began for the first time in 2019. It felt good to get back into the fasting habit. I broke my first fast of the year after a 35-minute jog and after 19.5 hours.

Wednesday/Thursday (Jan. 2 & 3): I finished eating at 4:15 p.m., and since I have a blood test tomorrow at 1:30 p.m., this fast will be a longer one. My fast is at the 19.5 hour mark. I’ve already had new strings put on my guitar at Nakwon Music Arcade. I have time to walk to the hospital for my blood test. I’m feeling a little bit hungry, but a walk and some music should help me keep my mind off food, glorious food. blood test is completed, and my fast is at the 21 hours and twenty minutes. I could eat now – I’m actually sitting in a cafe sipping an Americano, but I’m not super hungry. I returned home and then waited for the 24-hour mark to pass.

Thursday/Friday (Jan. 3 & 4): No more food after that one big meal. I went to the gym Friday morning, and then I later had breakfast at work, breaking a 19.5-hour fast.

Friday/Saturday (Jan. 4 & 5): It was another one-meal day. The fasting clock started at its earliest at 12:43 p.m. i didn’t expect to go the rest of the day without eating – I attended a meeting at 4 p.m. that included free snacks – and I was sorely tempted to eat around 10 p.m., but I made it to bed without eating. Once again, I woke up not feeling particularly hungry. I ate breakfast around 9 a.m, which felt really early. That broke a 20-hour fast.

Saturday/Sunday (Jan. 5 & 6): The plan is to have a banana smoothie and a snack at 1 p.m , and that might be it for the day. I ended up having that smoothie earlier at 11 a.m. Only an hour 45 earlier than I finished eating yesterday. When put like that, going the rest of the day without eating sounds entirely possible. We’ll see. I have a meeting at 2 p.m., and then I plan on going to the gym. I won’t beat myself up if I don’t last the day. After a 6-kilometer run at the gym, I decided to eat. That meal broke a mini-fast of 7 hours and 24 minutes. The fasting clock began again at 6:34 p.m. The plan is to have breakfast 18 hours later. The plan changed and I broke my fast after 16 hours and 46 minutes.

Sunday/Monday (Jan. 6 & 7): I had a little more food later in the day, and my fast was broken 19.5 hours later at work.

Monday/Tuesday (Jan. 7 & 8):  A sore throat is developing. It probably won’t affect my fasting, but I just don’t want to get sick. Nobody likes a sore throat. Back on topic, the fasting clock began again after work just before 6 p.m. I had hoped to go to the gym after work, but I went home and napped instead. It’s now 11 p.m. and I’m not feeling hungry at all. A morning Americano should easily see me through to the camp lunch break tomorrow at 11:30, which is a little early for lunch, but the schedule is set in stone. And that all came to pass.

Tuesday/Wednesday (Jan. 8 & 9): I ate dinner at home after work, finishing it at exactly 5:22 p.m. Flu symptoms have worsened, so exercise is off the cards. Breakfast was Wednesday’s lunch at work with my little students.

Wednesday/Thursday (Jan. 9 & 10): I finished eating for the day just before 6 a.m., and early the next morning, after feeling quite sick for the second night in a row, I decided some food wasn’t such a terrible idea.

Thursday/Friday (Jan. 10 & 11): Back to fasting with a 17.5-hour fast. That length of time no longer feels like I’m going without food for an extended period of time. The cold/flu I have this week probably contributed to that.

Friday/Saturday (Jan. 11 & 12): Dinner was finished just before 8 p.m., but I did have a beer afterwards while playing guitar. I’m not sure I when I finished that as I sipped on it slowly between songs, so I’ll just pretend that didn’t happen. The cough syrup I’ve been taking probably also broke my fast last night and this morning. I’ll pretend that also didn’t happen. The good news is I think this cold is pretty much history.  I got through a busy and musical morning before starting breakfast at 2:47 p.m. which 19 hours and 11 minutes since dinner.

Saturday/Sunday (Jan. 12 & 13): The fasting clock began again at 3:11 p.m, and it stopped 21 hours later with a pretty big breakfast which just might be all I consume today.

Sunday/Monday (Jan. 13 & 14): It’s 10 p.m., and I could certainly eat now.  After breakfast I did about 40 minutes of weights and then had a green tea. Lunch at work is at 11:30 a.m., but I may not last that long. If I can get go to sleep land without eating, I’ll consider breaking my fast first thing in the morning. I’ll see how I feel. And breakfast was indeed started early just before 6:30; the resulting fast was 17.5 hours long.

Monday/Tuesday (Jan. 14 & 15): I had lunch at work at 11:30 and then a protein bar at 1 p.m. That should be it for the day. It’s just after 9 p.m., and I’m feeling pretty tired. An early night is definitely on the cards. One of the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a while was the result. Awake and up at 6:30, I decided that 17 hours and 40 minutes of fasting was enough. It’s interesting that I’m at the point where that doesn’t feel like a long fast.

Tuesday/Wednesday (Jan. 15 & 16): A black tea latte after lunch was the last thing I consumed. I did 43 minutes of weights after work, so I’m feeling pretty hungry as I type this just after 9 p.m. I’ve prepared my breakfast and feel confident I can resist until sleep rescues me. That all went  according to plan, and now I know it’s possible to finish eating for the day at midday.

Wednesday/Thursday (Jan. 16 & 17): Today was a repeat of yesterday. I finished eating for the day at 12 noon and made it to bedtime without consuming anything else. I also walked about 11 kilometers in the evening. Breakfast was also at about the same time.

Thursday/Friday (Jan. 17 & 18):  I have to change things up today as I have a work dinner tomorrow, so I want to skip breakfast and just have lunch at work with my students and then the end-of-program dinner. Hence, I’ll have dinner tonight, so that the fast isn’t crazy long. The fast was broken with pizza to celebrate the end of a memorable and enjoyable 2-week program with kids from local schools.

Friday/Saturday (Jan. 18 & 19): My second and last meal of the day consisted of chicken, a few potato wedges, a small glass of beer, some lemonade, and plenty of water. That was gone just after 6 p.m. Breakfast tomorrow is already planned and scheduled for 1 p.m. (maybe). Breakfast was had a little earlier at 12:20.

Saturday/Sunday (Jan. 19 & 20): My band played Saturday night so that necessitated a few beers which resulted in a little early morning snacking which resulted in a shorter fast. On the positive side, Sunday – except for the early morning snack, was pretty much a one-meal day.

Sunday/Monday (Jan. 20 & 21): Breakfast was begun just after 3 p.m., ending a fast of 22 hours and 26 minutes.

Monday/Tuesday (Jan. 21 & 22): I finished eating for the day with a Kit Kat an hour later. It’s now 12:41, and I’m pretty hungry, but I know I can wait until the morning. I don’t think I’ll go much past 16 hours as I have a busy day planned and lots of food in my fridge that needs to be eaten soon. As planned, breakfast was broken quite early, ending a fast of 16 hours and 55 minutes.

Tuesday/Wednesday (Jan. 22 & 23): I then ate at a little after 12 p.m., and that was it for the day. I had breakfast after a bit of a sleep in 22 hours and 25 minutes later.

Wednesday/Thursday (Jan. 23 & 24): I finished breakfast around 11:30 a.m., and I entertained the idea of not eating more, but after an evening treadmill session, I just had to eat. That food broke a mini-fast of exactly 9 hours. I probably ate a little too much if truth be told, but by golly I was hungry. I will aim for just the one meal tomorrow around dinner time and after a weights session.

Breakfast Thursday was begin at 3 p.m., 17 hours 47 minutes after last night’s food. Breakfast did include a little dessert in the form of some Cadbury chocolate and drinking yogurt. That should be all the food I need today. The plan is to go to the gym in the evening for a weights session.

Thursday/Friday (Jan. 24 & 25): Besides water, only one black coffee passed my lips the rest of the day. In the morning, I broke my fast after 17.5 hours. I could have gone longer, but really just couldn’t be bothered. Which is odd when you think about it because preparing and eating breakfast is more of a chore than not. The desire to eat regularly is still pretty ingrained. After breakfast, I wondered why I didn’t fast for longer. I do have dinner plans tonight, and not wanting to fast until then played its part.

Friday/Saturday (Jan. 25 & 26): I finished eating just after 9 p.m. That’s later than normal, but it was a special event and a special dinner. The plan is to not eat again until 6 p.m. and to workout sometime in the afternoon. A morning black coffee and an afternoon green tea were all I consumed before breakfast at 5 p.m. That breakfast wasn’t large because I had dinner plans.

Saturday/Sunday (Jan. 26 & 27): Dinner Saturday was finished a little after 7:30 p.m., then, since it was a special Saturday night (Ian’s farewell and all the musical performances that entailed). I had a few beers, and I didn’t take note of when the last one was had as I didn’t realize the last one was the last one until later. I didn’t drink too much though, so I’m happy about that. So Sunday was kind of a skip day. I had breakfast about 12-13 hours after that last beer. Since the exact length of the fast is unknown and unknowable, there’s no photo.

Sunday, Jan. 27: Sunday was also an unusual day as I have an early flight Monday morning. Hence, I may not sleep Sunday night. At 11:30 p.m., I broke a mini fast with a view to not eating until tomorrow afternoon after my flight lands. We’ll see! That mini fast was 1 minute shy of being a full ten hours shorter than Friday’s fast.

Monday/Tuesday Jan. 28 & 29): It’s now 12:02 a.m., and Monday has arrived. Exactly 12 hours after that last food, a meal was served on my flight. I should have resisted, but I didn’t.

Then upon arrival at my hotel, I couldn’t refused an offering of orange juice and some slices of dragon fruit at about 4 p.m. That was it for the day though. And breakfast was at about 7:30 a.m. which was 21 hours and 16 minutes after that airline meal. If I pretend that orange juice and dragon fruit never existed. If included, my fast was 15.5 hours long. I also had a green tea in the evening. It should have been calorie free, but it was full of sugar. Two sips was all I had.

Tuesday/Wednesday (Jan. 29 & 30): After an hour in the gym, I had a plate of fried vegetables for lunch, and a little later. a latte and protein bar. At 12:39 p.m., the fasting clock started again, and it should continue until breakfast in the morning. And it did. Hotel breakfast began 18 hours and ten minutes later.

Wednesday/Thursday (Jan. 30 & 31): I finished eating for the day soon after my morning workout. The fasting clock began again at 11:58 a.m. It does, however, remain to be seen if that I can last until tomorrow morning. I should be able to, and I have to ensure I drink plenty of water. That all came to pass and breakfast, when it was had, broke a fast of 19 hours and 22 minutes.

Thursday, Jan. 31: I decided to test myself this last day of January. The last food consumed for the day was at 9:30 a.m. Finishing eating around noon is much easier these days, so I thought it time to challenge myself a little more. Having said that, it may not be possible as I’m meeting a friend at the airport tonight. We’ll see, but as of the time of typing (4:36 p.m.), I’m feeling quite good. Four hours later, and I’m still feeling fine. I certainly could eat, but not eating isn’t a problem. It’s now past midnight, and that means it’s now February.  My fast is just shy of 15 hours, and I feel fine and not particularly hungry. That’s a record for the earliest start time of a fast. I’m slowly edging towards fasts well over 24 hours.

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Average Fast: 18:59 Hours