August 2023 Fitness Diary!

Tuesday, August 1: Just some walking to start the vacation month of August: 12,141 steps/9.25 km.

Wednesday, August 2: Less walking on account of a trip to Sydney and family time: 9,400 steps/8.53 km.

Thursday, August 3: Even less walking: 7,510 steps/5.39 km.

Friday, August 4: A return to more walking: 19,393 steps/14.6 km.

Saturday, August 5: My first gym session of the month was a 41-minute full-body workout with some body parts worked harder than others (1). That was a nice re-introduction to weight training, especially considering I think I have some hay fever with recent coughing and a runny nose. I haven’t felt exact;y sick apart from those symptoms, so I don’t think it’s a cold or a flu. And my total steps for the day: 11,584/8.89 km.

Sunday, August 6: Just some walking, the most so far this month: 20,484 steps/15.9 km.

Monday, August 7: A short mostly full-body workout (2) and less walking: 10,937 steps/6.06 km.

Tuesday, August 8: No gym, but an early morning walk helped me get my step count to a decent level: 19,668 steps/15 km.

Wednesday, August 9: Another morning walk and then I did another full-body workout (3), this one more intense and longer than the previous one. My total steps for the day: 17,672 steps/13.1 km.

Thursday, August 10: Just some more walking: 14,959 steps/11 km.

Friday, August 11: Quite a lot of walking in Singapore airport in the early hours of the morning and on Cebu in the afternoon and evening: 23,113 steps/16.9 km

Saturday, August 12: Just some walking – why didn’t I use my hotel’s gym? 14,914 steps/11.1 km.

Sunday. August 13: Just some walking again – why didn’t I use my hotel’s gym? 10,028 steps/6.75 km.

Monday, August 14: Less than half of yesterday’s steps: 4,792 steps/3.36 km.

Tuesday, August 15: Some Cebu walking: 15,820 steps/12 km.

Wednesday, August 16: A lazy hotel day: 5,577 steps/4.28 km

Thursday, August 17: Nothing wrong with a lazy vacation, but I have my regrets nevertheless: 5,562 steps/4.16 km.

Friday, August 18: A little more walking that yesterday: 8,202 steps/6.12 km.

Saturday, August 19: Another lazy day with just a little walking: 4,907 steps/3.55 km.

Sunday, August 20: Just some walking again: 12,213 steps/9.45 km.

Monday, August 21: My first visit to my hotel gym since arrive on August 11 was a ten minute upper body workout (4). What the hell happened to my plans to use my hotel gym, which was better equipped than I had imagined? And just 6,117 steps/4.71 km.

Tuesday, August 22: Back to Korea so less time for walking and I didn’t return to my hotel’s gym, alas: 7,444 steps/4.85 km.

Wednesday, August 23: Just some walking: 17,265 steps12.4 km.

Thursday, August 24: Just some walking again: 9,406 steps/7.02 km.

Friday, August 25: My first gym session since returning to Korea m Tuesday was a short 25-minute full body workout (5), and a spontanious 2-minute Stair Master session (1) just to see what it felt like to get on after a month.  And my total steps for the day, a respectable 14,897/10.8 km.

Saturday, August 26: Back in the gym as I feel my motivation returning for a core workout (6) and a 4-minute Stair Master session (2). I’m really easing myself back into those! Well, I was short of time, and also admittedly, patience. My steps for the day: 16,658/12.1 km

Sunday, August 27: A very lazy day except for some walking, perhaps because I love my new bed, but I was also feeling a little under the weather: 9,392 steps/6.78 km.

Monday, August 28: A morning weights session: legs and core (7). My steps for the day: 11,829/8.79 km.

Tuesday, August 29: A lot more walking: 23,072 steps/17.2 km and a short evening weights session just upper body (8) and two StairMaster minutes (3) ended the session.

Wednesday, August 30: Another quick weights session: legs and core except calves (9) that were a still a little stiff. My steps for the day: 23,824/17.3 km.

Thursday, August 31:  I ended the month with another short weights session that focused on back, lats, traps, and biceps (10). My steps for the day: 17,255/12.8 km.


Weights Workouts: 10

StairMaster Sessions: 3

Total Steps: 406,162