4-Week Weight Loss Challenge: Week 3!

Week 3, Day 1: Wednesday, December 9: A chocolate protein shake with just the right amount of added coffee to start the day and third week of this rather delusional campaign:

Then I bought a cheerful bunch of goodies to get me through a five-hour office stint interviewing students:

The mixed nuts, the egg cart, the latte, and the drinking yoghurt were all consumed by 11:55 am. I also had two free office coffees for a caffeine boost to get me through the next four and a half hours of interviews:

Two of my students tried to bribe me:

I then cooked dinner at home after a quick cardio session at my favourite gym:

Week 3, Day 2: Thursday, December 10. The return of the Weetbix/coffee breakfast was a fine way to start the day. That was deservedly followed by another free office coffee:

My supplies for the remainder of the work day:

Another student tried to bribe me:

Dinner was followed a few hours later by a naughty piece of toast or two:

Week 3, Day 3: Friday, December 11. Breakfast was a protein shake plus another naughty piece of toast. The toast isn’t pictured, but it looked a lot like last night’s toast.

Then I just had to try the wares of a new gourmet bagel shop that just opened up along my route to work. How did they know? And that was the messiest bagel I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. I’m sure I would have lost my job if my boss had happened to walk in on my while eating it. Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

Another salad thing later in the day after another free office coffee:

Another student bribe which was followed by a coconut milk and energy bar pre-workout energy booster:

A pepper chicken dish served as my later-than-usual dinner. That was consumed with an unpictured drinking yoghurt. A couple hours later, I had a naught piece of Vegemite toast (also unpictured). No more bread for me until after this crazy month:

Week 3, Day 4: Saturday, December 12. A protein shake for breakfast to help build the muscles I exercised to breaking point last night:

A Starbucks bagel and latte several hours later:

A few dietary types from long-time-no-see friend Jeff saw me buy a healthy drink thing. I ignored his pleas to not buy the healthy looking bar which he said wasn’t healthy at all:

Another smallish meal followed:

A bibimbap dinner and a white chocolate latte closed the day:

Week 3, Day 5: Sunday, December 13:

Pepper chicken with less rice and more vegetables!

Week 3, Day 6: Monday, December 14: I forget what I had for breakfast, but later at work I was the victim of yet another bribery attempt:

Later at home after walking home, a mushroom convenience store soup ended a pretty good diet day!

Week 3, Day 7: Tuesday, December 15: A big today calls for a big protein shake breakfast. Some coffees next and a few chocolates from a student which I shared with several co-workers:

Long story.

My only real meal of the day was just what I needed after one hell of a day! A great band practise followed and I needed that too^

With one week to go, I think I’m getting a grip on this whole eat less and eat healthier thing.