February 2012 Fitness Diary!

Thursday, February 2: I started the month with 45 minutes on a cross-trainer, a piece of equipment I haven’t used in I think over three years. A slight calf strain from the treadmill and too much running prompted the switch to the easier-on-the-joints cross-trainer. That was preceded by a pretty intense back, traps, lats, and biceps workout:

Friday, February 3: An early morning core (abs, sides, and lower back) workout. And I walked to the gym and then home again after work if that counts as exercise.

Saturday, February 4: On the cross-trainer again for a gruelling 50-minute workout followed by a few sets of legs exercises:

Monday, February 6: Another cross-trainer session, this one 5 minutes longer than Saturday’s workout. Strangely the time passed much more quickly. That was immediately followed by a chest. shoulders, and triceps workout:

Tuesday, February 7: A rare mid-week swim, 1.4 km or 56 laps of the too-short 25 meter pool:

Thursday, February 9: Back on the cross-trainer after work for a 50 minute workout at a faster pace than my previous three efforts:

Friday, February 10: A short weights session after work: back, biceps, traps, lats, and forearms.

Saturday, February 11: A 55-minute cross-trainer session followed by a legs and core workout. 90 minutes all up!

Sunday, February 12: A 1.3 kilometre swim the same day of the season 2.5 The Walking Dead premier:

Monday, February 13: Another cross-trainer session, this one clocked in at 50 minutes:

Tuesday, February 14: A shortish chest, shoulders, and triceps workout with a few sets of sits to finish things off.

Wednesday, February 15: An exhausting 55-minute treadmill session followed by a legs workout! I hope that was enough to burn off the quarter-pounder set I was forced to eat at work. Surely it was?

Friday, February 17: A shortish back, biceps, traps, sides, lower back, and forearms workout. And I may have strained my right lat again slightly swimming last week. Oops.

Wednesday, February 22: Back exercising after a rare break: 55 minutes on the cross-trainer followed by a chest, shoulder,s and triceps workout:

Thursday, February 23: Weight after work: back, biceps, forearms, lats, traps, abs, sides, and lower back.

Friday, February 24: 50 minutes on my favourite cross-trainer after work:

Saturday, February 25: I mixed things up a little today starting with calves, thighs, and hamstrings before moving onto chest, shoulders, and triceps. And then for the first time in almost a month I jumped on the treadmill to see how my niggling calf injury was progressing and it felt 100%^^

Monday, February 27: A short weights session after work (back, traps, lats, biceps, sides, and forearms)

Tuesday, February 28: A record-breaking 60 minutes (15 km) on my favorite cross-trainer:

Wednesday, February 29: I ended the month with a solid chest, shoulders, and triceps workout.