August 2022 Fitness Diary!

Monday, August 1: Just some walking to start the month: 17,539 steps/12.8 km.

Tuesday. August 2: Another walking (and working) day: 23,933 steps/15.9 km.

Wedneaday, August 3: Back in the gym after another long Camp day: chest, shoulders, triceps, and calves. I also walked 20,963 steps/14.6 km.

Thursday, August 4: It was a walk and work day: 24,473 steps/17.7 km.

Friday, August 5: A rare early morning walk and gym session as the final day of camp begun. At the gym, it was legs’ day – or rather legs’ 20 minutes: leg extensions, hamstring curls, a few weightless squats – well there was gravity so not entirely weightless – and calves. And then I ran out of time. My walking totals for the day were 19.947 steps/14.2 km.

Saturday, August 6: Up early for a long walk and then a gym session a little later. The gym session was a pretty intense one, and I am feeling it as I write this the next day: lats, back, biceps, forearms, traps, and calves. In total I walked 26,828 steps/21 km.

Sunday, August 7: No gym, but a decent amount of walking again: 21,396 steps/16.6 km.

Monday, August 8: A little less walking because it rained a lot – the rainiest day in 80 years in fact! But I made it to the gym for an intensive workout: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, calves, and sides. 18,614 steps/14.3 km were my totals for the day.

 Tuesday, August 9: More rain and more walking Рthankfully, I avoided the worst of it: 20,854 steps/16 km.

Wednesday, August 10: Over an hour in the gym in the morning after a 50-minute walk: lots of leg extensions, leg presses, calves, hamstrings, sides, lower back, lats, back, traps, and biceps. That was my longest workout in a good while, and around 10 am is a very good time to go – there were only a few other people working out! My walking totals for the day were: 26,971 steps/20.2 km.

Thursday, August 11: Another gym session: chest, shoulders, triceps, and traps. And more walking: 25,163 steps/19 km.

Friday, August 12: Legs day at the gym, and I went pretty hard with leg extensions. Also, some leg presses, hamstring curls, weightless squats, and calf raises. And more walking: 24,184 steps/17.9 km.

Saturday, August 13: No gym and less steps than usual, but still quite a few! 16,634 steps/12.5 km.

Sunday, August 14: No gym again, but more walking than yesterday: 24,113 steps/18.4 km.

Monday, August 15: An intense 45 minutes in the gym: calves, leg extensions, weightless squats, lats, back, biceps, lower back, and forearms. And a little more walking than yesterday: 25,283 steps/18.7 km.

Tuesday, August 16: No gym, but a lot of walking again: 24,783 steps/19.1 km.

Wednesday, August 17: A lot of morning walking – and some evening walking, and my final tally for the day was 28,177 steps/21.7 km. I’ve been sleeping better these days, and these walks aren’t tiring out my legs! And 35 push-ups in the morning to help me get into the habit.

Thursday, Augusty 18: More walking and a 53-minute weights session: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, calves, lower back, leg presses, weightless squats, and hamstring curls. I also did 35 push-ups in the morning, and a lot of walking: 27,530 steps/21.8 km.

Friday, August 19: A lot of walking again: 28,004 steps/20.7 km.

Saturday, August 20: I started the day with a set of 38 push-ups. Back in the gym in the afternoon: lats, back, biceps, traps, lower back, leg extensions, and hamstring curls. And I walked steps 26,619 steps/ 21 km.

Sunday, August 21: I started the day with a set of 38 push-ups again, and as my gyn was closed today, I walked a lot: 36,047 steps/27.9 km.

Monday, August 22: I started the day with a set of 40 push-ups. Then more chest work at my gym as well as shoulders, triceps, traps, and calves. More walking but not as much as yesterday – 20,586 steps/16 km, and I was surprised to discover that my legs felt fine after walking nearly 30 km yesterday! At just before bed, I did a set of 32 push-ups.

Tuesday, August 23: Legs day in the gym: weightless squats, leg presses, seated hamstring curls, calves. sides, and lower back, and then an evening walk in the fading summer weather: 24,766 steps/19.1 km.

Wednesday, August 24: I began the day with a set of 40 push-ups. I skipped the gym and spend the evening walking: 23,152 steps/17.6 km.

Thursday, August 25: I began the day with a set of 43 push-ups. I’ll hit the gym later and take a break from 20,000 daily plus steps. At the gym: lats, back, biceps, lower back, and forearms. My steps were below 10,000 for the first time July 10! 9,886 steps/7.23 km.

Friday, August 26: I began the day with a set of 44 push-ups. Back walking a lot after walking less yesterday, and I felt totally refreshed as a result: 27,560 steps/ 21.4 km. A short 21-minute gym session happened in the evening: leg extensions, calf raises, sides, lower back, and traps.

Saturday, August 27: I began the day with a set of 46 push-ups and some shoulder exercises. In the evening, I exercised those muscles again: chest, shoulders, triceps, and a set of trap raises. My walking stats. for the day: 18,944 steps/14.5 km.

Sunday, August 28: No gym today, just walking and a few sets of calf raises at home: 18,317 steps/13.7 km.

Monday, August 29: I started the day with a set of 42 push-ups, and I have big plans for the rest of the day. A good evening gym session saw me exercising my back, lats, biceps, forearms, lower back, calves (again), and legs. And I walked 21,299 steps/16.6 km.

Tuesday. August 30: I started the day – well it was in the afternoon – with a set of 43 push-ups. It was a lazy day besides that – and I’m very Ok with that. In the evening, went for my usual walk: 17,241 steps/13.2 km.

Wednesday, August 31: A gym session and my usual waling ended the month: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, and leg extension. My walking stats: 24,945 steps/19.1 km. Over August, I averaged 23, 098 steps a day. That’s a lot!