March 2012 Fitness Diary!

Saturday, March 3: March’s fitness campaign kicked off a couple of days late on the third, but I made up for the lack of exercise with a super intense cardio cross-trainer workout followed by a legs weights workout!

Tuesday, March 5: Hardest workout in years and my friend and colleague Jeff witnessed it so ask him if you don’t believe me. Fifty super intense cross-trainer minutes followed by a back, biceps, traps, sides, abs, lower back and calves!

Wednesday, March 6: Shoulders , triceps, and chest (in that crazy order) followed by a rare treadmill session to test out my often injured calf muscles. All good:

Thursday, March 8: A record-breaking 80 minutes on the cross-trainer!

Saturday, March 10: A long 90 minute + workout today, taking full advantage of the extra free time Saturdays afford me^^. A back, biceps, and traps workout first followed by a 60-minute cross-trainer session. My all-Williams playlist made the time pass quickly as it did on Thursday. And that wasn’t all, I finished with a legs and lower back workout. Well done, Peter!

Monday, March 12: A very short and sharp chest, shoulders, and triceps workout which left my muscles the next day  the sorest they have been in a good while.

Wednesday, March 14: Despite feeling a little under the weather, I went to the gym after work for a 44-minute cross-trainer session ending for the first time on level 9!

Thursday, March 15: A short back, lats, traps, and biceps workout after work.

Saturday, March 16: My first sore throat in perhaps nine or more months didn’t stop me going to the gym, but I did give the cardio a miss. Just abs, sides, lower back, and legs.

Tuesday, March 20: Another 55-minute cross-trainer session:

Wednesday, March 21: A short chest, shoulders, and triceps workout after work. And later that night I started coughing. The cold my sore throat heralded last Saturday is back with a vengeance.

Saturday, March 24: Back exercising but still not completely over my cold. No cardio as a result, instead just weights for my legs and core.

Monday, March 26: Up early and in plenty of time to fit in 60 minutes on a cross-trainer before work:

Tuesday, March 27: Another early morning workout, this time a weights workout which focused on my back, biceps, lats, traps, and lower back.

Wednesday, March 28: Another cross-trainer session, this one after work:

Friday, March 30: A quick chest, shoulders, and triceps workout after work and before a free Korean-fusion concert thing at the Arts Center.

Saturday, March 31: I ended the month with a treadmill session in which my old calf injry flared up again just shy of the 5km mark. It’s back to the cross-trainer for me next month: