May 2012 Fitness Diary!

Tuesday, May 1: I started the month with an early morning half marathon-training workout: back, biceps, lats, traps, forearms, sit-ups, some skipping, and 20 minutes on a steep treadmill:

Wednesday, May 2: My third early-morning workout in a row (that’s a record) consisted of chest, shoulders, triceps, skipping, and another 20 minutes on a steep treadmill:

Friday, May 4: 15 kilometres on my favourite cross-trainer followed by a lot of skipping, perhaps too much skipping as a calf injury was about to strike:

Sunday, May 6: The first 15 kilometres of a half marathon! (A calf strain kept me from finishing):

Monday, May 7: Early morning core workout: abs, sides, and lower back. And later a whole lot of walking on stiff legs around Kyeong-Ju. Thankfully my calf felt much better than expected.

Wednesday, May 9: Evening workout while taking a break from a long day at work: back, biceps, traps, lats, and forearms.

Thursday, May 10: My first cardio workout after last Sunday’s al,ost half marathon! I’m still nursing an injured calf so I hopped on the calf-friendly spin bike for a sweaty 35-minute workout with Bear McCreary’s Battlestar Galactica Season 4 soundtrack helping pass the time. A legs workout closed the session:

Friday May 11: A short sharp sweet abs, sides, and lower back workout after work!

Saturday, May 12:  An early(ish) morning chest, shoulders, and triceps workout followed by 15 intense minutes on a spin bike. Rare Saturday office work shortened my workout window:

Monday, May 14: Two workouts today; that’s a first since I started my current job! Weights early in the morning: core, back, biceps, traps, and lats. After work, a 30-minute spin bike workout:

Thursday, May 17: an after-work cardio and weights workout: Chest, shoulders, and triceps followed (or preceded by, I can’t quite remember) a 35-minute spin bike workout:

Saturday, May 19: Back on the cross-trainer for the first time and unfortunately my injured calf wasn’t impressed. Appeasing it resulted in a shorter workout with higher intensity. That was followed by a back, lats, traps, and biceps workout:

Monday, May 21: A short core workout after work.

Tuesday, May 22: An early morning chest, shoulders, triceps, and hamstrings workout with several skipping sessions thrown into the mix!

Wednesday, May 23: Fly to Memphis!

Friday, May 25: Early morning workout in the Ole Miss Inn fitness center: back biceps, traps, lats, and abs workout with a little skipping. I needed that after a long sleepless flight! Bus ride to Memphis, Civil Rights Museum, Peabody Center, Mississippi River paddleboat buffet, and a beer on Art’s porch.

Saturday, May 26: Push-ups, shouders, triceps, sides, and a little abs in a hotel right by Memphis Airport.

Sunday, May 27: Some skipping and calf raises in front of John’s place in Alexandria!

Monday, May 28: YMCA, Pease St! Back, biceps, traps, lats, sides, and lower back followed by 4.4 miles on a very cool spin bike:

And that was it for the month owing to a very very hectic hectic NAFSA conference.