November 2009 Fitness Diary!

Sunday, November 1: To the gym bright and early for a 2.5 hour session. Legs and chest followed by 8 km on the treadmill. Next I continued with shoulders, triceps, and forearms. That was the first time I separated my chest and shoulder workouts and I was able to increase the weights for my shoulder exercises significantly as a result.

Tuesday, November 3: I began the day with a very rare weekday morning exercise session consisting of 20 minutes of abs. I’d love to exercise more in the mornings, but having to be at work by 7:50 a.m. makes that very, very, very difficult. In the evening I jumped on my exercise bike and rode a solid 30 km:

Thursday, November 5: I was up early enough to hop on my treadmill for 20 odd minutes and 15 km:

Friday, November 6: Another ab workout.

Saturday, November 7: Twenty km on the exercise bike:

Sunday, November 8: Twenty-five minutes of abs and 25 km on the exercise bike watching the latest episode of Supernatural:

Monday, November 9: Two hours at the gym consisting of a mamoth back workout followed by 4 km on the treadmill up a steep incline. I finished with a light leg workout – experienced some discomfort in my left knee… hope it’s nothing serious! I also worked my lower back and sides at the end of the workout:

Wednesday, November 11: To the gym again for my first chest and shoulders workout in ten days. It felt great to exercise those muscles again and I felt the break did them some good. Was it my imagination or were my shoulders and chest a little more defined? Probably my imagination. I closed the session with a 2.5 km on the treadmill, which nearly killed me, and a stretch:

Thursday, November 12: Twenty km on the exercise bike. I soooo don’t regret buying that!

Saturday, November 14: A 25 minute ab session while watching an episode of Stargate SG1, and then 25 km on my bike watching an episode of Numb3rs:

Sunday, November 15:  Historic day today. Today was the first time I ran since my ankle fell off in August.
It was just 500 meters, and the pace wasn’t all that much, but it felt good to move faster for a change. My ankle felt fine, which is to say it didn’t feel uncomfortable. It does feel different though; no pain and no discomfort, it just feels different. That’s O.K. and not really surprising since I’ve torn my ligaments in that ankle twice and sprained it rather badly. 
Today I worked my back, biceps, legs – light on the quads and heavy on the hamstrings, 3.5 km on the treadmill – 0.5 at a jog – and lower back and a light stretch to finish the session.
And oops, I noticed a slight ache in my left knee when I did leg extensions. Hope it isn’t anything serious.

 Wednesday, November 18: Twenty-five km on my treadmill watching an episode of Stargate SG1. Well over 72 hours since I last exercised… hope I’m not running out of steam!

Thursday, November 19: Six p.m. on Thursday night and I was ready for bed after a long day and a long few days. The Peter of a year ago would have definately stayed in and dozed while watching TV, but that Peter is dead and the new Peter went to the gym even though he was really tired and sleepy!  I worked my chest, shoulders, triceps, and sides (4 sets of side raises) before hopping on the treadmill for 4.5.

Saturday, November 21: To the gym at 5 p.m. for an intense 90 minute workout. I exercised my back, biceps, forearms, legs (my left knee felt perfectly fine), and 4 km on the treadmill bringing my monthly total up to 26.  I have a busy week ahead, so I might not back in the gyym until Thursday or Friday. I’m a little behind schedule with my kilometers, but I hope to have a couple of big sessions next weekend with the gym open on Saturday and Sunday.

Monday November 23: Twenty km on my bike watching Stargate and Merlin. I had a long day and I didn’t realize until late in the evening that I had drunk almost no water throughout the day… just 200 won coffee from the coffee machines. Memo to self: drink lots of water! Perhaps as a result I had almost no energy at the end of the day and I wasn’t in the mood for exercise at all. It was hard to get on my bike, but once I was on I was glad I was there:

Tuesday, November 24: A short sharp home chest and shoulders workout.

Saturday November 28: A big presentation on Thursday stopped me from going to the gym Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (needed to catch up on my sleep), so I hit the gym with a vengeance on Saturday feeling refreshed and ready for exercise. A two-hour session consisting of back, biceps, lower back, traps, and legs plus 5 km on the treadmill which ended suddenly when the machine suddenly stopped dead. I killed it. I had planned to go for another 2 or 3 kilometers, but once it stopped I lost my rhythm and called it a day. (Update: My back was very sore the next day, as were my traps… good work!)

Sunday, November 29: A 30 minute ab session while watching the season 7 finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Monday, November 30: I ended the month by walking to work and back. I’d like to walk more often, but starting work at 7:50 a.m. makes that kind of difficult as I’m rarely ready to leave home at 7:20.  I thought about going to the gym in the evening, but decided to leave it until tomorrow.

Overall a lot less kilometers on both the treadmill and exercise bike than last month. Partly because of an occasional ache in my left knee and partly because I was much busier that I expected I would be, but all in all a pretty good month fitness wise. Hopefully I can keep it up over the winter. Barring injury, that shouldn’t be a problem…   to be continued.

Treadmill Total: 31.5 km

Exercise Bike Total: 180 km.