November 2012 Fitness Diary! (Incomplete)

Saturday, November 3: November started well, albeit a few days late, with a weights and cardio session: back, biceps, traps, lats, abs, hamstrings, calves, forearms, and a 2.5 kilometre sprint! Well done!

Sunday, November 4: A long walk to the pool for a longer-than-usual 1.6-kilometre Sunday swim:

Monday, November 5: A rare home workout before setting off to Seoul for the Canadian Embassy Education Fair free lunch: chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Wednesday, November 7: My first sub 15 minute 3-kilometre run in about a decade! Granted I haven’t tried many because of various niggling injuries, but it’s very nice to know I’m near the Peter’s year 2002 fitness level. I was very fit back then!

Thursday, November 8: Hardest weights session in years to accompany yesterday’s furthest spring in years: back, traps, biceps, abs, lower back, hamstrings, calves and thighs. And that left me without any energy at all. It took my five times longer than usual to get dressed after my post-workout shower, which was also much longer than usual.

Friday, November 9: Another spring. Calves are feeling fine – knock on wood and fingers crossed. I might even go to church on Sunday:

Sunday, November 11: Another Sunday walk to the pool for my regular Sunday swim. I like swimming. And I like walking too. I’m quite good at walking:

Monday, November 12:


Tuesday, November 13:

Wednesday, November 14:

Thursday, November 15: Weights session after work: chest, shoulders, triceps, hamstrings, and calves.

Friday, November 16: My second sub 15 minute 3-kilometre run in about a decade!


Sunday, November 18: My regular Sunday swim. I like swimming:

Monday, November 19: After work: Abs, sides, traps, biceps, thighs, and hamstrings. And here’s some trivia for you: that’s the first time I’ve exercised my biceps and traps without the rest of my back.

Wednesday, November 21:

Thursday, November 22: I started running and 6 months of injury free running  came to an end with a sharp calf twinge. Right calf this time, different area than before. I hate my calves. Weights after that heartbreaking setback: chest, shoulders, triceps, abs, and sides:

Friday, November 24: A record 95 minutes on my favourite cross-trainer while watching Rocky 3, a great workout movie:

Monday, November 26: A weights session after work: back, biceps, lower back, traps, lats, abs and legs.

Friday: November 30: After a few days off due to work, general business, and a strange 12-hour fever bug I returned to the gym for a chest, shoulders, and triceps workout. Half marathon tomorrow….