October 2016 Fitness Diary!

Saturday, October 1: I’m still weary of weights due to a lateral muscle strain, but the treadmill doesn’t bother it, so on one I hopped to start October’s fitness campaign:

Sunday, October 2: Cardio again. I had hoped to stay on the treadmill longer, but the incline malfunctioned and increased despite all my button pushing to the contrary:

Monday, October 3: A very light chest, shoulders, traps, and triceps workout on account of a healing serratus anterior muscle that is still the cause of discomfort/pain when I sneeze and cough. I then kept my 20-minute appointment with my favorite treadmill:

Tuesday, October 4: Another treadmill session. A weights session was planned, but that plan went out the window.

Wednesday, October 5: Just a 14-minute steep cardio work between commitments:

Thursday, October 6: Nothing to report, but if drinking (which I rarely do) counted as exercise. … I at least played guitar for a couple of hours, so my fingers, in addition to my throat, got some exercise.

Friday, October 7: Nothing to report.

Saturday, October 8: Nothing to report.

Sunday, October 9: I almost made it to the gym, but that doesn’t quite count. Nothing to report yet again.

Monday, October 10: Back exercising with a 21-minute better-than-nothing cardio session! I’m back!

Tuesday, October 11: Nothing to report (again).

Wednesday, October 12: Just a steep 11-minute treadmill session tonight.

Thursday, October 13: Weights for the first time in a while due to an ab muscle strain: back, lats, biceps, legs, calves, and a little core work.

Friday, October 14: Cardio again:

Saturday, October 15: More of the same:

Sunday, October 16: Aside from eating a lot and walking for about 15 minutes, I have nothing to report.

Monday, October 17: Thirty minutes of cardio fun:

Tuesday, October 18: Weights today: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, calves, and a little core.

Wednesday, October 19: Thirty-two glorious minutes and one second of cardio:

Thursday, October 20: Thirty-one glorious minutes of cardio:

Friday, October 21: Twenty-five glorious minutes of cardio:

Saturday, October 22: Thirty glorious minutes of weights: back, biceps, lats, calves, forearms, and core.

Sunday, October 23: Nothing to report. I had planned on making it to the gym, but the universe didn’t listen.

Monday, October 24: I only had time for 11 steep and grueling treadmill minutes.

Tuesday, October 25: I only had time for 13 steep and grueling treadmill minutes.

Wednesday, October 26: Nothing to report. Sorry.

Thursday, October 27: Ditto.

Friday, October 28: Double ditto.

Saturday, October 29: Almost something.

Sunday, October 30: Nothing.

Monday, October 31: Fourteen not-very-intense treadmill minutes marked my lackluster month’s end.


Total Cardio Sessions: 16

Total Treadmill Minutes: 348

Days Without Exercise: 12