2021 Reading Diary Part 3!


I read twenty books over the summer months of July and August, but I’m not sure if I can keep that pace up as the new semester begins. It will be my lightest workload in a while with no extra classes, but I should take advantage of that time not just to pursue my interests, but also go that extra mile for my students.

Book 51: The Fall Of Hyperion (1990) was open on my Kindle when August became September. I’m not making very fast progess, but I am enjoying it.  I read the last 200ish pages on Friday, September 3. The end really grabbed me, and I could not put it down. (Read between August 23 & September 3)

Book 52: Tau Zero (1970) by Poul Anderson is next. I felt in the mood for some shorter stand-alone science fiction. This is my second Poul Anderson book. The first was The High Crusade (1960), a rather comical account of the consequences of an alien ship landing in Medieval England. Tau Zero, on the other hard, is hard science fiction about an interstellar colony ship that runs into serious trouble on its way to a nearby star. It was a nice quick read, but I found myself getting a little bored with the story at around the 80% mark. My interest returned though as the end drew near. Despite those less thrilling pages, I am certainly up for exploring more or Poul Anderson’s work. (Read between September 4 & 5)

Book 53: The Incredible Shrinking Man (1956) by Richard Matheson was next. I went through a Matheson phase just after getting my first Kindle and I read most of his more well-known books as well as a huge short story collection which I loved, but for some reason, I didn’t read The Incredible Shrinking Man around that time. It’s long been at the back of my mind as a book I need to read sooner or later, and today, I decided that it was time. It wasn’t my favorite of his books, but it did have more heart to it than I expected even though the protaganost was pretty un likeable. That was the point though I’m sure as bit by bit, he unravelled as he shrunk and well, he did have a lot to deal with as his marriage and family life disintegrated along with his size. And being an arachnophobe, his battles with the spider unnerved me to say the least. (Read between September 5 & 9)

Book 54: Excession (1996) by Iain Banks, the fifth of his Culture novels was next. (Read between September 10 & …)