October 2021 Covid Fitness Diary!

Saturday, October 2: My first extended bit of walking for the month of October: 18,100 steps/12.7 km.

Monday, October 4: Back in the gym, and that’s something of a rare event these days. The 50-minute workout left me feeling nice and nauseous: chest, shoulders, traps, calves, thighs, hamstrings, and core.

Tuesday, October 5: More walking: 12,500 steps/9.1 km.

Friday, October 8:  More walking instead of a gym session: 12,500 steps/9.41 km

Saturday, October 9: A bit of a walk: 14,365 steps/10.7 km.

Monday, October 11: Walking for a change: 12,205 steps/8.57 km

Tuesday, October 12: Let’s walk! 10,190 steps/7.86 km.

Wedenesday, October 13: A walk: 14,212 steps/10.4 km.

Friday, October 15: A much longer walk: 26,237 steps/20 km.

Sunday, October 17: A evening post-birthday walk: 11,524 steps/8.3 km.

Tuesday, October 19: Surprise, surprise – a walk! 14,878 steps/10.3 km.

Wednesday, October 20: A shorter walk, but a walk nevertheless: 9,472 steps/6.83 km.

Thursday, October 21:  Another short walk, but not as short as yesterday’s: 10,838 steps/8.21 km.

Saturday, October 23: Finally, finally finally, I successfully walked the 15-minute walk to my gym: calf raises (the calf raises machine I broke months ago was finally back in operation), thighs, hamstrings, lats, back, traps, forearms, and biceps lightly as my right arm still isn’t 100% – it’s getting there though.

Sunday, October 24: I completed exactly 16.829 steps (well I might have done ten or so more), and the distance according to my iPhone’s app. is 13.1 km.

Monday, October 25: More walking: 10,752 steps/8.19 km.

Wednesday, October 27: Finally (again) back in the gym: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, and calves.

Friday, October 29: Some more walking: 10,751 steps/7.46 km.

Saturday, October 30: Yet more walking: 13,966 steps/9.65 km.

Sunday, October 31: I might as well finish the month with some walking: 21,305 steps/14.6 km.