2016 Reading Diary Part 4!


September became October with Wizard and Glass, the fourth book of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower saga, on my Kindle. It’s my second time reading it. I don’t often read novels twice, but last reading diary, I decided to revisit The Gunslinger, the first in the series, to refamiliarize myself with the story ahead of the upcoming film adaption. The first book led me to the second, and now here I am enjoying book four:

October 5 Update: I’m at the 77% mark according to my Kindle, and I’m absolutely hooked. I had forgotten that most of the book is backstory – a story within a story. Essentially, that inner prequel story is a novel in its own right entirely worthy of the upcoming TV series based upon it. October 7 Update: I finished it on the train coming back from the airport after seeing off my sister and her family.  I will rejoin the quest for the Dark Tower at a later date. Continue reading “2016 Reading Diary Part 4!”