2023 Reading Diary Part 2!


Reminder: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases via the Amazon links included below – not that anyone has actually purchased a book from my links, but that’s ok – this diary is really just for me.

Book 26: The Space Between Worlds (2020) by Micaiah Johnson is another more recent SF novel I’ve heard good things about. Admittedly, I was’t too into it, but that changed after the first few chapters.  Admittedly (again), I took a break from it to read Skin Game, the 15th novel in The Dreseden Files, but now that a new month has begun, I want to finish this as soon as work and life etc. allow. I passed the half mark on the evening of April 10. My reading has slowed to a crawl as I didn’t initially get into the story and I’ve been much busier than expected to be. My reading did pick up today, so if that continues, I’ll aim to finish by the weekend. And I finished it on Thursday about 20 minutes before my 7 PM class. I enjoyed it more once I could find time to devote to reading instead of a few pages every few days, which was about my progress for the first 40%. I think sooner or later, I’ll reread the first few chapters. (Read between March 24 & …)

Book 22: Brief Cases (2018) by Jim Butcher is the third collection of Dresden Files short stories and novellas. I started it on March 13, but couldn’t finish it then as some of the stories followed novels I hadn’t yet read. That’s now rectified, and I’ll finish the remaining few stories tomorrow (Friday, April 14) or the day after. Mission complete, and the novellas and short stories are some of my favorite Dresden Files stories. I prefer them to the novels due to their clearer and simpler stories and the exploration of other characters. The novels are told from Harry Dresden’s perspective, while some of the novellas and short stories are told from the perspectives of his family, companions, friends, acquaintances, and frenemies. It’s not necessary to read them to follow the plots of the novels, but you’re missing a lot of side adventures and insights into other characters if you skip them. So I’ve almost up to date on the series. There are two published novels remaining and one novella set bewteen them. I think I’ll pencil them in for later this year. And then the wait will begin for the next books in the series. (Read between March 13 & April 14)

Book 27: Paradise-1 (2023) by David Wellington wasn’t on my TBR (To Be Read list), but a review of the book really piqued my interest, and I enjoyed David’s previous book, The Last Astronaut (2019). I’m almost a third of the way through it as I type this just before my first class on Monday, April 17, and I’m hooked. This is the kind of book I finish quickly no matter how busy I am. Fast paced, short chapters, and a mysterious alien menace. I’m in love! (Read between April 14 & 21)

Book 28: For the First Time, Again (2023) by Sylvain Neuvel is the final book in his Take Them to the Stars trilogy, and like the previous two books in the series, I devoured this one quickly. Far too quickly given how much grading I have to do. I don’t think the last book is my favorite of the series, but it was nice to again return to this story as it is certainly one of those books/series that has its own flavor. I’ll read Sylvain’s other books in the not-too-distant future. (Read between April 21 & 22) 

Book 29: Feet of Clay (1996) is next. I started it earlier in the year, but I just didn’t feel in the mood for a Discworld book, as loveable and fun and funny as they are. Now the time feels right. Feet of Clay is the 19th Discworld novel, and the third in the City Watch sub series. It will be slow going as the week ahead will be a crazy one, but while slow and steady won’t win me any races, it’ll get me to the finish line eventually. I passed the half-way point on the afternoon of Friday, May 5. Slow going due to this busy semester, but I should be able to finish within a week. I finally finished in on May 10 in between my freshmen and evening classes. I have absolutely no idea what to read next. (Read between April 23 & May 10) 

Book 30: City Of Last Chances (2022) by Adrian Tchaikovsky was eventually selected as my next book, as I make a small dent in to number of Adrian’s books I’ve yet to read. A sequel has been announced, but I forgot that when I started, so that’s one more unfinished series to add to my list. I think I might devote my summer to finishing or making as much progress as possible on the series I’ve begun, of course for some, the next books have not been written yet. May 25 Update: I’ve perhaps read a total of five pages in the past week. I might as well consider this a break from reading as perhaps my busiest semester in a while (I say that every semester) winds to close. (Read between May 10 & …) 

Book 31: