April 2021 Intermittent Fasting Diary!


As April begins, I’m one month into another really busy semester, so like the end of last month, I probably won’t write many details. My weigh has been holding steady around 85-86 kilograms, and I’d like to just drop a couple more.

Thursday, April 1:  

Thursday/Friday (April 1 & 2):

Friday/Saturday (April 2 & 3): This fast included a legs session at the gym. I was tempted to break my fast at night, but I resisted. Once morning came, I decided that was enough and I consumed a coffee and protein milk concoction at 9:35 a.m.:

Saturday/Sunday (April 3 & 4): A Vietnamese lunch with Subin was my last meal of the day. I started Sunday’s calroies 19 hours and 48 minutes later with another coffee and protein milk concuction.

Sunday/Monday (April 4 & 5): I started the fasting clock at 12:43 p.m. after a hommus avacado baguette and an oatmeal cream pie.  ….


And that was it for April. Coinciding with my semester getting busier, I just lost my intermittent fasting mojo. I did continue intermittent fasting intermittently, and overall continued to eat less on average than before I began this journey, but the meticulous starting and stopping of my stopwatch took a vacation. Despite still kind of fasting every now and then, my weight went from 85 to 91 kilograms. At my lightest while fasting, I weighed a fraction under 80 kg, and at my heaviest before starting fasting, I weighed a little over 100 kg.

Some 10 weeks later, I’m starting to get back into it. It’s Sunday June 27, I wrapped up all my grades a few days ago, and my current fast just passed 17 hours, and I’m going to stick with this fast a while longer and return to fasting almost every day.