December 2016 Fitness Diary!

Thursday, December 1: A sweaty start to the month with 24 treadmill minutes:

Friday, December 2: Ditto.


Saturday, December 3: Shoulder, traps, triceps, and chest (in that crazy order) followed by 11 treadmill minutes.

Sunday, December 4: Two treadmill sessions (34 and 12 minutes) and then a wee core workout.

Monday, December 5: Nothing to report exercise wise.

Tuesday, December 6: Sixteen treadmill minutes followed by  weights session (lats, back, and biceps) followed by two shorter treadmill sessions!

Wednesday, December 7: Zero.

Thursday, December 8: Forty-two treadmill minutes spread over two sessions:

Friday, December 9: Twenty-two treadmill minutes in the evening before band practice.

Saturday, December 10: Busy.

Sunday, December 11: Busier!

Monday, December 12: A longer 53-minute treadmill session to mark my 1,000th cardio session since record keeping began back in 2009.

Tuesday, December 13: Forty-four treadmill minutes spread over two sessions:

Wednesday, December 14: Weights today: shoulders, taps, triceps, traps, thighs, hamstrings, calves, abs, sides, and lower back!

Thursday, December 15: Nothing to report.

Friday, December 16: Napped instead of exercising and it almost cost me dearly.

Saturday, December 17: Back on my favorite treadmill for 41 minutes.

Sunday, December 18: Fifty-two treadmill minutes over three sessions; the first was rudely interrupted by an accidental emergency stop at the 36:11 mark.

Monday, December 19: Fifty-six minutes of quality cardio over two sessions separated by a 15-minute iPhone rest.

Tuesday, December 20: Zilch

Wednesday, December 21: Another double cardio session. A total of 54 treadmill minutes. And that pushed me over the 500 minute mark for the first time since I began keeping track of my total treadmill minutes.

Thursday, December 22: Zilch again.

Friday, December 23: Forty-four cardio minutes over two sessions:

Saturday, December 24:  A long over-due weights session (back, lats, biceps, calves, and core) that was bookended by two treadmill sessions of 1o and 11 minutes.

Sunday, December 25: Xmas dinner. ‘Nuff said.

Monday, December 26: Fifty-three cardio minutes to partly offset Xmas dinner.

Tuesday, December 27:

Wednesday, December 28: It was one of those I-don’t really-want-to-be-here workouts, but the result wasn’t too shabby: 16 treadmill minutes, weights (chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, and lower back), and then another 10 treadmill minutes. Unfortunately, I fear I consumed far more calories than I burned.

Thursday, December 29: Only enough time for 24 treadmill minutes:

Friday, December 30: A planned evening workout was torpedoed by dinner and two beers with students and colleagues to mark both the end of a very memorable 2-week program and the notorious year that was 2016.

Saturday, December 31: It’s 3:20 pm, and it’s time for the 159th and final cardio session of 2016. Done! Three treadmill sessions of 17, 17, and 24 minutes:


Total Cardio Sessions: 19

Total Treadmill Minutes: 726

Days Without Exercise: 11