November 2016 Fitness Diary!

Tuesday, November 1: I began November’s fitness campaign with a rest day.

Wednesday, November 2: Twenty-two treadmill minutes was today’s effort. I really need to eat less (and exercise more).

Thursday, November 3: A much-needed and long over-due weights session (chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, calves, and a little core work) was followed by 24 treadmill minutes.

Friday, November 4: Decided to rest and clean my apartment instead of exercising.

Saturday, November 5: Twenty-six sweaty treadmill minutes.

Sunday, November 6: Some walking, but that doesn’t really count as exercise in my book and on my site.

Monday, November 7: A nice even 30 minutes on my favorite treadmill.

Tuesday, November 8: Double disaster. I intended to go to the gym, but I left my gym shoes at home. And then I ate at McDonald’s.

Wednesday, November 9: Back on my favorite treadmill for two sessions of eight and 14 minutes. In between I received a call from nature and I had some slight wheezing. I’m due for a weight session.

Thursday, November 10: I walked home from work, but that doesn’t really count.

Friday, November 11: Weights (back, lats, biceps, calves, and core) followed by 26 treadmill minutes:

Saturday, November 12: Twenty more treadmill minutes.

Sunday, November 13: Super lazy Sunday.

Monday, November 14: I planned to go to the gym, I really did.

Tuesday, November 15: I almost skipped the gym again. It was near 5 pm, and the thought of a lazy evening at home with my piano, guitar, and some TV shows was very appealing. But mindful of the previous two red days, I made it to the gym where I dozed and read for some 80 minutes before finally getting on my treadmill. I weighed myself while changing into my exercise clothes and there’s no denying it – my weight has been creeping up of late. Time to change things up a little. Three separate treadmill sessions followed of 24, 14, and 4 minutes. I was reminded of my rugby days when training consisted of running till we almost died, and then doing it again and again and again after short breaks. With those days in mind, I realized that perhaps the single treadmill sessions of recent months and years aren’t quite getting the job done. My eating habits could also do with a review, but that seems to be the story of my life. Well, one of them anyway.

Wednesday, November 16: Another three treadmill sessions. I should have been doing multiple sessions since day one.

Thursday, November 17: No time to exercise today with classes, band practise, and a lengthy phone conversation with a TV producer 🙂 

Friday, November 18: A chest, shoulders, traps, triceps weights workout which was sandwiched between two cardio sessions of 12 and 16 minutes. 

Saturday, November 19: Nothing to report.

Sunday, November 20: Thirty-seven uninterupted treadmill minutes:

Monday, November 21: Longest cardio session in a good well (44 minutes) and that was followed by a 7-minute steeper session:

Tuesday, November 22: Another 37 cardio minutes. I used a different machine that seems to be calibrated slightly differently from my regular machines resulting in a more impressive speed and incline.

Wednesday, November 23: I was too busy to exercise.

Thursday, November 24: I was too tired to exercise.

Friday, November 25: A long over-due weights session: back, lats, biceps, thighs, hamstrings, and calves ahead of a solid 18 treadmill minutes.

Saturday, November 26: Close, but no cigar.

Sunday, November 27: Ditto.

Monday, November 28: Back on my favorite treadmill for 33 glorious minutes accompanied by the final 33 minutes of John Williams’ Jurassic Park score.

Tuesday, November 29: Nothing to report.

Wednesday, November 30: November ended the way it began. 


Total Cardio Sessions: 15

Total Treadmill Minutes: 463

Days Without Exercise: 15