February 2014 Fitness Diary! (Incomplete)

Saturday, February 1: A whole lot of walking today. I actually went to Itewon intending to go to the gym, but when push came to shrove, I decided to go for a long 4ish-hour long walk instead.

Sunday, February 2: Back to Itweon for a inclined treadmill session and weights: lower back, sides, calves, and traps:

Monday, February 3: Just a whoe lot of walking around walking errands on this the first official day of my vacation. At a rough count, I’d say about almost 7 hours all together.

Tuesday, February 4: A long over due legs and back workout in the gym today: hamstrings, thighs (extensions, presses, squats) back, biceps, and lats.

Thursday, February 6: Chest, shoulders, triceps, lower back, and calves.

Saturday, February 8: Back, biceps, lats, calves, and a treadmill session cut short by am emergency phone call from Mother Nature:

 photo 20140208_zps3f943a48.jpg

Tuesday, February 11: Chest, shoulders, triceps, sides, and lower abs. I don’t do enough lower ab work. Unfortunately, it’s my biggest muscle.

Wednesday, February 12: My first long run in a while – 8 kilometers in 46 minutes:

 photo 20140212_zps46b01c17.jpg

Friday, February 14: Back, lats, traps, biceps, lower back, and sides.

Saturday, February 15: A13-minute run interrupted at the 3:30 mark when the emergency stop thing became loose after someone accidentally bumped it:

 photo 20140215_zpsdb52b094.jpg

Sunday, February 16: Double workout! Chest, shoulders, triceps, and forearms followed by a 90-minute Smoothie King break and then back to the gym for a mammoth legs workout. That’s the kind of workout I need more of.
Monday, February 17: A 5-kilometre uphill treadmill session listening to music by Bear McCreary:

 photo 20140217_zps8851ba4b.jpg

Thursday, February 20: Glad to be back in the gym and feeling healthy after the worst case of food piosoning to ever strike struck me early Tuesday morning. I had expected to have less energy, but I completed 5.2 uphill kilometers quite easily:

 photo 20140220_zpsed16fe3c.jpg

Friday, February 21:
Saturday, February 22:

 photo 2014-02-23_22-50-56_zps3ad171ae.jpg

Sunday, February 23:

Tuesday, February 25:
Thursday, February 27: An 8-kilometer run to finish off the month:

 photo 20140227_zpsf7fa2d64.jpg