February 2021 Covid Fitness Diary!

Monday, Feb. 1: Well, I almost made it to the gym today. Instead, some home exercises: weightless squats 80, 60, 60, 50, 40, and 30 for a total of 360. That was followed by a sets of 45, 25, 22, and 15 push-ups.

Tuesday, Feb. 2: An evening gym session: lats, back, biceps, traps, sides, and lower back extensions.

Wednesday, Feb. 3: Instead of a gym session, an evening walk which bought the day’s total steps up to 11,600/9.1 km.

Thursday, Feb. 4: Seventy-five gorious gym minutes: chest, traps, shoulders, traps, and calves.

Friday, Feb. 5: In the gym for about 35 minutes of legs and core.

Saturday, Feb. 6: Push-ups: 45, 31, 23, and 21 for a total of 120. And an extra 40 a little later brought today’s tally up to 160.

Monday, Feb. 8: Back in my gym for an early evening weights session: traps, lats, back, biceps, sides, and lower back.

Wednesday, Feb. 10: Instead of a planned gym session that didn’t eventuate due to reasons beyond my control, I walked 12.2 km/15,300 steps

Thursday, Feb. 11: Yesterday’s planned gym session happened today in my back-up gym. At 75 minutes, it was my longest workout in a while: chest, shoulders, traps, triceps, calves, thighs, and hamstrings. I also walked 13.6 km/17,100 steps.

Saturday, Feb. 13: Some walking instead of weights: 12.3 km/16,700 steps. That doesn’t quite gel with my kilometers and steps from Thursday, but that’s what my app. is telling me.

Monday, Feb. 15: Back in my gym for a 50-minute session: back, lats, biceps, lower back, forearms, thighs, and hamstrings.

Tuesday, Feb. 16:  Another gym session, this one a little longer at 65 minutes: traps, chest, shoulders, triceps, calves, sides, and a little more lower back. Then I walked for about an hour and 15 minutes: 7.1 km/9,500 steps.

Thursday, Feb. 18: A shorter weights session in the afternoon: legs, sides, and lower back. I did squats with weights for the first time in years. I used to get a slight ache in my left knee, so I’ve avoioded weighted squats for years, but today went well and those squats sure were a lot of work.

Monday, Feb. 22: Back in the gym after a few days off, but it was just a short 25-minute workout as I had some things to do that I wanted done as soon as possible: back, lats, and biceps.

Tuesday, Feb. 23: Another working, this one was 45 minutes long, and it was pure upper body: chest, shoulder, triceps, and traps.

Wednesday, Feb. 24: Legs day plus a bit of core work, and tomorrow will be a day off. And then I took the rest of the month off, which was only a few days.