February 2022 Fitness Diary!

Tuesday, February 1: The month of February began with my gym closed for the lunar new year, so I just walked 18,453 steps/12.1 km. I also did a  20 push-ups and some shoulder raises, side raises, and lower back extensions.

Wednesday, February 2: Back in my now not-so-new gym for a swift 21-minute workout: lats, back, biceps, forearms, calf raises, and a few side raises and lower back extensions. And I walked 19,691 steps/12.6 km.

Friday, February 4: Another short weights session: chest, triceps, shoulders, calves, sides, lower back, and some leg work. I also walked 14,811 steps/9.57 km.

Saturday, February 5: The most walking I’ve done (35,591 steps/21.9 km.) since the day I climbed Halla Mountain on Jeju Island in August 2020. I think I hit around 39,000 steps that day, and half of those were going up, the other half going down. That was not fun.

Sunday, February 6: Only time for a 15-minute workout: lats, traps, back, biceps, and a three-minute run. I also walked for almost three hours: 16,600 steps/10.5 km.

Monday, February 7: Just some walking: 11,695 steps/8.06 km.

Tuesday, February 8: A morning workout: chest, shoulders, triceps, sides, lower back, one set of bicep curls, leg extenstions, and a four-minute run. I also walked for a couple of hours:  12,530 steps/8.09 km.

Wednesday, February 9: Some more walking: 12,576 steps/7.81 km.

Thursday, February 10: More walking: 18,681 steps/11.8 km.

Friday, February 11:  Thirty minutes of weights: back, lats, biceps, traps, calves, sides, and lower back, and that was my hardest bicep workout in perhaps 6 or 7 months. But that’s not all –  just under 3 hours of walking – 15,455 steps/9.8 km.

Saturday, February 12: More walking: 21,118 steps/24 km.

Sunday, February 13:  A short 20-minute legs and core workout. Plus, I walked 17,178 steps/10.9 km.

Monday, February 14: A little walking: 10,656 steps/6.63 km.

Tuesday, February 15: Forty-five minutes of weights and a 2-minute run: chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, lats, back, calves, sides, and lower back.  And I walked 10,992 steps/6.58 km.

Wednesday, February 16: More walking: 21,871 steps/13.9 km.

Thursday, February 17: Back in my gym: back, lats, biceps, forearms, calves, legs, sides, and lower back. And more walking: 18,039 steps/11.2 km.

Friday, February 18: Yet more walking: 18,330 steps/12.1 km.

Saturday, February 19: And some more walking: 18,727 steps/11.6 km.

Sunday, February 20: A 35-minute gym session: sides, lower back, calves, chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, and one set of bicep curls. And my usual walking: 14,916 steps/9.1 km.

Monday, February 21: Lots and lots of walking: 26,980 steps /17.1 km.

Tuesday, February 22: A gym session: sides, lower back, calves, lats, back, biceps, annd legs. And I continued the walking trend: 16,596/10.2 km.

Wednesday, February 23: Another gym session and more walking: chest, shoulders, triceps, light biceps, traps, calves, and the walking consisted of 13,808 steps/8.27 km.

Thursday, February 24: Just walking: 21,991 steps/13.9 km.

Friday, February 25:  More just walking: 16771 steps/10.9 km.

Saturday, February 26: Back in the gym: back, lats, biceps, forearms, calves, leg presses and extensions, hamstrings, and forearms. I also walked 18,900 steps/12.1 km.

Sunday, February 27: Just walking: 16,532 steps/10.3 km.

Monday, February 28: A gym session and a long walk to finish the month: chest, shoulders, triceps, calves, sides, lower back, leg presses, leg extensions, and hamstring curls. The walking consisted of 23,413 steps/14.8 km. And for the month of February, I averaged 17,303 steps a day. That’s a world record personal most.