July 2021 Covid Fitness Diary!

Sunday, July 4: A little Sunday night exercise at home because I regretted not going to the gym yesterday and the day before. Just a few sets of side raises and lower back extensions.

Monday, July 5: back in the gym after an unplanned break: calves, weightless squats, leg presses, hamstring curls, back, lats, forearms, sides, and lower back.

Tuesday, July 6: A lot of walking today as I had to make a trip to the immigration office and I found myself in parts of Seoul I haven’t walked around since the pandemic started. The day’s totals: 20,800 steps/14.6 km.

Thursday, July 8: Back in the gym: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, calves, sides, lower back, and forearms.

Saturday, July 10: Another gym session and my first treadmill session for a while – just a short 7 minutes. My weights workout was mostly legs plus a little sides, lower back, and traps.

Wednesday, July 14: An average workout: calves, leg extensions, some weightless squats, hamstring curls, lats, traps, back, sides, and lower back.

Friday, July 16: Weights again: calves, chest, shoulders, triceps, and traps.

Wednesday, July 21: A heatwave and record Covid cases kept me from the gym, but I decided to risk it on Wednesdat night: calves, leg extensions, weightless squats, hamstrings, sides, lower back, traps, lats, and back.

Thursday, July 22: Just some walking, most of it done in very hot weather: 12, 400 steps/8.7 km.

Friday, July 23: Another gym session, and the gym was almost empty: chest, shoulders, triceps, calves, and lower back. I also walked 12,600 steps/9.12 km.

Monday, July 26: Just a quick 26-minute workout: calves, thighs, hamstring curls, lats, traps, back, sides, and lower back.

Saturday, July 31: Just a few evening walks during that week, and then I ended the month with a weights session: calves, chest, shoulders, traps, triceps, and forearms.