July 2023 Fitness Diary!

Saturday, July 1: I started the month with a StairMaster session: 24 minutes/107 floors (1). And my total steps for the day were a bit of a surprise: 20,812/15.3 km.

Sunday, July 2: I thought about a gym session, but ended up walking instead while listening to John Williams newest Indiana Jones music: 22,525 steps/ 17.1 km.

Monday, July 3: Another StairMaster session: 28 minutes/122 floors (2), and my steps for the day: 19,840/14.7 km.

Tuesday, July 4: A short gym session: core and legs (1), and my steps for the day: 13,894/10.1 km

Wednesday, July 5: My steps for the day: 16,032/12 km

Thursday, July 6: My steps for the day: 19,604/14.5 km

Friday, July 7: An upper body weights session: chest, shoulders, triceps, back, lats, traps, biceps, and lower back (2). And my steps for the day: 18,411/13.9 km.

Saturday, July 8: Time for my next StairMaster session: 31 minutes/135 floors (3) my longest session since getting Covid – was aided by some pieces from recent Hans Zimmer concerts. And my steps for the day were a respectable 16,356 steps/11.7 km.

Sunday, July 9: I almost made it to my gym – I walked right past it in fact, but alas, I did not enter. Instead, I just walked around a bit: 17,570 steps/13.5 km.

Monday, July 10: No gym, but a lot of walking: 25,135 steps/18.8 km.

Tuesday, July 11: I again failed to go inside my gym – depsite walking ast it – but this is a pretty crazy week with the end of summer classes and house hunting. My steps for the day: 13,584/10 km.

Wednesday, July 12: Again no gym: 13,732 steps/10.2 km.

Thursday, July 13: Same again: 24,542 steps/18.3 km.

Friday, July 14: I really need to get to the gym today even though moving day is Monday and I have things to do. On the bright so, one thing I don’t need to do is work. I’m all done with that for the rest of the summer! IKEA and then gym – sounds like a plan! But I spent much time in IKEA buying a mattress and lots of bedding related things. So it was just another day of walking: 16,993 steps 12.3 km.

Saturday, July 15: Well I almost made it to the gyn, but ended up walking a lot instead, which I regret. Still, it was a lot of walking: 26,527 steps 20 km.

Sunday, July 16: Finally back in the gym, and since tomorrow is moving day I decided just to use the StairMaster: 37 miuntes/162 floors (4) to save my muscles for tomorrow even though there isn’t really a lot of heavy things to move. And well, I sure needed that, and I was glad I didn’t feel any difference from the week off. And I walked quite a lot: 22,293 steps/16.1 km.

Monday Moving Day: A lot of walking even thought it was a busy moving day: 23,306 steps/17.1 km.

Tuesday, July 18: Above 20,000 steps again: 20,996/15.6 km.

Wednesday, July 19: It’s been 11 days since my last weights session – enough time to put me into a “I really don’t feel like it” frame of mind. But it needed to be done, and I completed a 45-minute full body workout (3) before breakfast. I sure needed that. And my steps for the day, a healthy 19,314/13.1 km.

Thursday, July 20: A late night StairMaster session: 17 minutes/79 floors (5) and more walking: 21,092 steps/15.7 km.

Friday, July 21: A lot of walking in. the morning as I completed the last of my vacation prep errands. And one final gym session before tomorrow’s too early flight. It was another full body workout – sans hip thrusts (4), and I didn’t train my hamstrings too hard in case I get cramps on my flight. That would not be good. My total steps for the day: 23,421/17.1 km. And that explains why I was feeling so tired at the aiport overnight waiting for my 6:45 am flight.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Saturday, July 22: A lot of walking in the city and I found a gym that I hope to visit at least twice – alas, it does not have a StairMaster, but it was the better and cheaper of the two I checked out. My total steps for the day, an impressive 27, 171/19.5 km.

Sunday, July 23: More walking – a lot more walking: 32,318 steps/24 km.

Monday, July 24: A short gym session: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, lats, back, biceps, forearms, sides, and lower back (5). And more walking: 22,809 steps/16.9 km.

Tuesday, July 25: Yet more walking: 23,484 steps/17.2 km

Wednesday, July 26: And some more walking as I say goodbye to Vietnam and hello to Singapore airport: 20,619 steps/14.7 km.

Thursday, July 27: Just some walking and a lot of flying: 8,820 steps/5.97 km.


Friday, July 28: Just some Sydney walking: 13,915 steps/10.5 km.

Saturday, July 29: A little walking: 4,314 steps/3 km.

Monday, July 31: A little more walking to end the month: 17,970 steps/13.4 km.


Weights Workouts: 5

StairMaster Sessions: 4

Total Steps: 584,753