June 2014 Fitness Diary!

Sunday, June 1: Back exercising after a week off due to extreme busyness, lack of sleep, and high temperatures. And it felt great to exercise again. I sorely needed today’s workout: back, lats, traps, biceps, calves, and a 42-minute uphill treadmill trek/jog:

Monday, June 2: Legs, abs, sides, lower back, some calf raises, and a one kilometer run that wasn’t enjoyable at all:

Tuesday, June 3: Chest, shoulders, triceps, and, because they still weren’t all that sore, some calf raises.

Thursday, June 5: Back, traps, lats, biceps, calves, and a slightly longer and slightly slower run:

Saturday, June 7: Legs, core, and another fast run. It doesn’t sound like much when described so briefly, but that was a very hard and painful workout. Oach!

Monday, June 9: Chest, shoulders, triceps, and calves.

Wednesday, June 11: Back, biceps, traps, lats, sides, a little abs, a couple of sets of calf raises, and a  pretty solid (and quick) run to wrap up the day’s exercise:

Thursday, June 12: Legs and lower back.

Saturday, June 14: Chest, shoulders, triceps, and a 2.1k sprint. In other news, I performed reverse grip tricep extensions of the first time:

 photo 20140614_zpsd67405fa.jpg

Monday, June 16: Back, biceps, lats, and traps plus another sprint:

 photo 20140616a_zps20c7c153.jpg

Tuesday, June 17: Just a core workout today.

Wednesday, June 18: Huge legs workout after a free end-of-semester lunch.

Thursday, June 19: Just a run today:

 photo 20140619a_zps0cea3e53.jpg

Friday, June 20: Chest, shoulders, triceps, and 2 runs!

 photo 20140620a_zps57ce36e2.jpg

Saturday, June 21: Back, biceps, lats, traps, core, and my fastest treadmill speed ever!

 photo 20140621_zpsb0815ca3.jpg

Monday, June 23: Just my usual chest, shoulders, and triceps workout with the usual amount of small variation.
Tuesday, June 24: Legs and another super fast sprint!

 photo 20140624_zpsbf61a030.jpg

Thursday, June 26: Back, biceps, traps, lats, and another fast sprint:

 photo 20140626_zpsba3d53d1.jpg

Friday, June 27: Core and a 1 kilometer sprint:

 photo 20140628_zpsd423ef1b.jpg

Saturday, June 28: Legs, chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Monday, June 30: Back, biceps, traps, lats, and another sprint to end a pretty good month fitness wise:

 photo 20140630_zpse9f8191a.jpg