June 2022 Covid Fitness Diary!

Wednesday, June 1: A holiday today afforded me plenty of time to exercise. A gym session that lasted for about 30 minutes: back, lats, biceps, traps, sides, lower back, and calves, and some walking: 11,196 steps/ 8.79 km.

Thursday, June 2: More walking, and summer is certainly here:  11,999 steps/ 9.64 km. Why didn’t I take one more step?

Friday, June 3: I almost went to the gym, but walked more instead: 18,221 steps/14 km.

Saturday, June 4: Another short but intense gym session: chest, shoulders, triceps, calves, sides, and lower abs. As for steps, I completed 13,854 steps.11.3 km.

Sunday, June 5: Another short but intense gym session: lower abs, sides, lower back, calves, reverse hamstring curls, leg extensions, some weightless squats, and even some stretching! And I’m really liking these shorter and more regular workouts.

Monday, June 6: Just walking (and shopping): 21,868 steps/17 km.

Tuesday, June 7: More walking: 18,121 steps/13.9 km.

Wednesday, June 8: Yet more walking: 21,242 steps/15.9 km.

Thursday, June 9: An early morning gym session: back, lats, traps, biceps, forearms, and calves. And I walked a total of 19,232 steps/14.3 km.

Friday, June 10: An unplanned large number of steps: 30,390 steps/23.3 km.

Saturday, June 11: More walking as well as one small set of push-ups: 25,363 steps/19.3 km.

Sunday, June 12: Apart from walking: 16,072 steps/12.1 km , a few home exercises: calf raises, push-ups and shoulders, but not much.

Monday, June 13: Hopefully, I’ll visit my recently neglected gym later today. And I did, before going to campus in fact: chest, shoulders, triceps, and traps. And I walked 18,350 steps/14.3 km.

Tuesday, June 14: Another short and sharp morning gym session: leg extensions and presses, hamstring curls, and a set each of calf raises, sides, lower back, and pulldowns. And I walked 15.815 steps/12.4 km.

Wednesday, June 15: Just walking today: 22,509 steps/16.8 km.

Thursday, June 16: A good weights session in the morning: sides, lower back, calves, lats, traps, rear deltoids, back, and biceps. Lots of walking as usual: 20,563 steps/16 km.

Friday, June 17: Another gym session: sides, lower back, calves, leg extensions, weightless squats, and hamstring curls. And I walked my usual impressive number of steps: 16,460 steps/ 13.1 km.

Saturday, June 18: My most intense weights session in a while as the end of the semester is so close, I can almost touch it: sides, lower back, calves, shoulders, triceps, traps, and single sets of pulldowns, rows, leg presses, and leg extensions. And I took 19,944 steps. which was approx. 15.1 km.

Sunday, June 19: I skipped the gym in favor of a lot of walking: 24,665 steps/19. 1 km.

Monday, June 20: A lot of walking AND a gym session to celebrate the very last day of the semester! In the gym: lats, back, biceps, calves, traps, rear shoulders, sides, and lower back. On the street: 27,935 steps/21.7 km, and my legs started to feel tired for the first time in a while.

Tuesday, June 21: More walking, too much really. I should have done more work instead: 37,585 steps/29 km.

Wednesday, June 22: More walking, too much really. I should have done more work instead: 26,696 steps/19.7 km.

Thursday, June 23: Last gym session before flying home tonight: chest, shoulders, lats, back, biceps, traps, leg presses, weightless squats, calves, traps, lats, sides, and lower back. Basically, a bit of everything. I still managed 13,508 steps/10.1 km despite flying home in the evening and being inside a lot before that cleaning and packing while it rained.

Friday, June 24: I’m not sure how, but I managed 16,534 steps/12.8 km.

Saturday, June 25: Just walking again as I can’t sign up at local gym until Monday: 14,388 steps/11.1 km.

Sunday, June 26: As above but fewer steps: 12,639 steps/10 km.

Monday, June 27: First AnyTime Fitness workout: chest, shoulders, triceps, calves, sides, and lower back, and I needed that. I also walked 17,451 steps/13.1 km.

Tuesday, June 28: Gym again: back, lats, sides, lower back, biceps, and forearms, and I walked  20,542 steps/15.1 km.

Wednesday, June 29:  Gym again: leg presses, weightless squats, hamstring curls, calves, sides, and lower back. And I walked a little less than usual: 13,688 steps/10.5 km.

Thursday, June 30: I ended the month with a weights session – chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, sides, and calves. And also some walking: 18,438 steps/13.4 km, an accceptable amount to end the month.