May 2020 Fitness Diary!

Saturday, May 2: I began the month with a short weights session just before dinner: traps, shoulders, chest, and triceps.

Monday, May 4: Back in the gym for a 45-minute workout: lats, traps, back, biceps, lower back sides, and calves.

Tuesday, May 5: Another 45-minute workout: chest, shoulders, weightless squats, hamstrings, abs, triceps, and traps again. I did a little more chest and shoulder work at home before bed.

Wednesday, May 6: A short thirty minute workout: calves, lower abs, sides, forearms, and lower back.

Friday, May 8: A shorter evening workout that was just focused on core and calves.

Saturday, May 9: Back in the gym and I varied the order of my back workout: back, traps, biceps, a couple of sets of weightless squats and lats.

Monday, May 11: Still no cardio because wearing a mask on the treadmill is no fun at all, so it was weights again: shoulders, triceps, chest, and calves.

Tuesday, May 12: Just legs and core in the evening but the workout was spread out over an hour I think due to a few distractions.

Thursday, May 14: A set of 50 push-ups at home.

Saturday, May 16:¬†Back in the gym for the first time since Dad’s passing. I think it helped return to some extent to my regular daily activities. Today’s workout was just under an hour long: lats, back, traps, biceps, weightless squats, calves, hamstrings, and forearms.

Monday, May 18: Weights again for about 55-minutes: shoulders, triceps, traps, calves, and chest. There were a few interruptions, but while I was working out, I worked pretty hard. A few hours later at home I did a little more: a set of 40 push ups and a few shoulder raises.

Tuesday, May 19: No gym today, but I walked about 10 kilometer throughout the afternoon.

Thursday, May 21: Just a little home workout at night: side and lower back extensions.

Friday, May 22: This evening’s workout lasted 47 minutes and consisted of back, lats, traps, biceps, calves, weightless squats, hamstrings, and abs.

Saturday, May 23: Today’s weights session clocked in at 57 minutes: shoulders, triceps, chest, and forearms. I predict I’ll be very sore tomorrow.

Monday, May 25: An unusual 30-minute workout because  was still feeling stiff from the last couple of workouts: calves, sides, lower abs, lower back, traps, and abs.

Tuesday, May 26: I again mixed up the order, this time starting with chest exercises with a much great emphasis on barbells, triceps were next, and I finished with shoulders.

Friday, May 29: Back in the gym after two one-meal days, and this was my first fasted workout in a while. It started as my fast passed 17 hours: traps, back, lats, biceps, lower back, calves, some weightless squats, hamstrings, and just a set of side raises.

Saturday, May 30: An hour of weights: chest, triceps, sides, lower abs, a few sets of weightless squats, shoulders, and forearms. And that was it for the month as I decided to rest on Sunday.