May 2023 Fitness Diary!

Monday, May 1: Just some walking today as I had a lot of work to do. Not a particular excitng way to start the month, admittedly: 12,439 steps / 9.28 km 

Tuesday, May 2: I made it to my gym, but I only had time for cardio – 15 StairMaster minutes followed by some calf raises. Then I had to rush home for some student Zoom interviews. My total steps for the day, an impressive 22,196/16.6 km.

Wednesday, May 3: Another day of walking, and as I type this at 5:40 PM, I haven’t done a whole lot so far. My steps for the day: 11,680 steps/8.3 km.

Thursday, May 4: I almost but not quite made it to my gym. An afternoon nap before my evening class took priority. My steps for the day: 19,406/14.6 km.

Friday, May 5: I broke another StairMaster record: 31 minutes/147 floors. I did some weights before that: back, lats, biceps, traps, forearms, hamstrings, and calves. That was my hardest workout in years. It’s been a long time since I felt that tired after a workout! My total steps for the day: 17,545/13 km.

Saturday, May 6: Just some walking, and the weather was terrible: 17,957 steps/13.6 km.

Sunday, May 7: More of the same, but in much better weather: 16,830 steps/12.7 km.

Monday, May 8: A rare morning workout that started around 7 am, and I need to do that more often. Weights first: triceps, shoulders, leg extensions, hamstring curls, chest, and one set of calf raises either side of another recording breaking StairMaster session: 33 minutes/155 floors.  That was accomplished with the help of some music by Jerry Goldsmith. My steps for the day:

Tuesday, May 9: A lot of walking – too much walking as I really had other things that needed doing: 27,108 steps/20.2 km.

Wednesday, May 10: Just some walking on another busy Wednesday, but thankfully due a little less busy than normal with my last class moved to Saturday just this week. My steps for the day: 11,033/8.19 km.

Thursday, May 11: As I type this at five minutes past noon, I am about to leave this cafe and walk to my gym. Another lengthy cardio session is planned, and that will be preceded by a light weights workout. At least that’s the plan. And everything went according to plan. I started with weight training: leg extensions, hamstrings, Lats, back, biceps, traps, lower back, lower abs, and sides. And helped by the music of the late James Horner (RIP), I completed 35 StairMaster minutes/168 floors. And that left me drenched in sweat, and that was a good and exhausting feeling. And my steps for the day: 16,889/12.7 km.

Friday, May 12: Just walking today: 16,541 steps/10.9 km.

Saturday, May 13: Just walking again today: 14, 871 steps/11 km.

Sunday, May 14: Just walking today yet again: 18,333 steps/12.3 km.

Monday, May 15: I’m writting this between classes, and I really need to go to the gym this evening. I didn’t, but I did walk 19,272 steps/14.7 km. Oh I remember why I didn’t make it to the gym – an email from Dave.

Tuesday. May 16: No gym again, just some walking: 9,199 steps/6.54 km.

Wednesday, May 17: As above: 7,903 steps/6.47 km, and I really don’t like Wednesday. Thankfully, next Wednesday is my last long Wednesday.

Thursday, May 18: My gym drought was broken with just a cardio session: 37 StairMaster minutes!

Friday, May 19: Probably my most inactive day of the year: 3,656 steps/2.81 km.

Saturday, May 20: Another rather inactive but memorable day. I went camping and hiking, but we skipped the hiking: 7,861 steps/5.29 km.

Sunday, May 21: Another activeless day as I surprisingly was quite productive work wise: 6,315 steps/4.58 km.

Monday, May 22: Back in the gym after a long work week even though today is foundation day for my uni and hence a day off. I finally returned to my gym for about 20 minutes of weights: shoulders, triceps, chest, and traps. And that was foolowed by 24 StairMaster minutes/111 floors. My steps for the day: 9,606/6.96 km.

Tuesday, May 23: Another gym session with the expectation I won’t be exercising tomorrow because of my busy and long Wednesday – my last of the semester. At the gym: back, lats, biceps, calves, leg extensions, and hanstring curls. The legworkout was pretty light as the StairMaster awaited. I think my StarMaster session was around 21 minutes – I accidentally bumped the stop button and after reviewing and adding up the lengths of the Joe Satriani tracks I listened to. My steps for the day: 13,161 steps/9.97 km.

Wednesday, May 24: Just a little walking, on this, the lasy crazy busy Wednesday of the semester: 5,626 steps/3.93 km.

Thursday, May 25: Another world record: 38 StairMaster minutes/178 floors accompanied and aided by the music of Jerry Goldsmith. And my steps the day: 9,913/7.1 km.

Friday, May 26: Just some walking today: 16,396 steps/12.6 km.

Saturday, May 27: Same as yesterday: 12,905 steps/9.73 km.

Sunday, May 28: An evening gym session: leg extensions, hamstring curls, calf raises, shoulders, triceps, and chest. And I finished the session with 32 StairMaster minutes/154 floors again accompanied Jerry Goldsmith’s music. And my steps for the day: 13,251/9.49 km.

Monday, May 29: Just some walking today again: 14,618 steps/10.8 km. 

Tuesday, May 30: Back in the gym in between cafe grading sessions: lats, back, traps, lower back, biceps, and calves. And another 30-min plus StairMaster session: 34 minutes/164 floors. And my steps for the day: 19,022/14.1 km.

Wednesday, May 31: A gym session was envisaged, but it didn’t eventuate. Instead, just a normal amount of walking: 14,305 steps/10.7km


Weights Workouts: 8

StairMaster Sessions: 10

Total Steps: 428,451