April 2023 Fitness Diary!

Saturday, April 1: I started April with a weights session: back, lats, biceps, leg extensions, hamstring curls, calf raises, lower abs, and five minutes on a StairMaster, my new cardio machine of choice now that masks are no longer required. And my total steps for the day: 19,555/14.9 km

Sunday April 2: My first gymless day of the month, so just some walking: 15, 063 steps/9.88 km.

Monday, April 3: Just a little walking after a morning migrain headache: 6,279 steps/4.27 km.

Tuesday, April 4: More walking: 19,047 steps/14.2 km

Wednesday, April 5: Longest working day perhaps ever, so just only a little walking was possible: 8.434 steps/5.75 steps.

Thursday, April 6: A decent amount of walking, but still no gym session: 21,302 steps/15.6 km. It’s been a long time since I was so glad to finish a working week!

Friday, April 7: Back in the gym! A pretty short workout, but I ended it with 8 minutes on a StairMaster torture machine: chest, shoulders, triceps, and traps. My total steps for the day: 17,780 steps/13.2 km.

Saturday, April 8: Another gym session that was pretty short on weights: back, lats, biceps, and a little lower abs, and heavy on StairMaster minutes – 8.5 minutes, and that’s quite a workout! My total steps for the day: 16,768/12.4 km.

Sunday, April 9:  Just some walking before and after John Wick Chapter 4, my first John Wick movie: 16,641 steps/12.5 km.

Monday, April 10: An evening gym session: leg extensions, hamstring curls, calf raises, and 10.5 minutes on the torture StairMaster. My total walking steps for the day: 16,754/12.5 km.

Tuesday, April 11: A lot of walking on my class-free day. Probably too much given my busy schedule! 29,094 steps/ 21.7 km.

Wednesday, April 12: Just a little walking on Hell Wenesday: 7,900 steps/ 5.76 km. And a set of lower back extensions at home in the morning.

Thursday, April 13: An afternoon gym session: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, calves, and a new StairMaster record: 12 minutes. My steps for the day: 18,971/14 km.

Friday, April 14: Just a lot of walking: 18,971 steps/14 km.

Saturday, April 15: Ditto: 20,210 Steps/15.4 km.

Sunday, April 16: I returned to my gym for some weights and my longest StairMaster session ever: 13.5 minutes. The weights part of the session consisted of leg extensions, hamstring curls, back, lats, calves, biceps, and forearms. And my total steps for the day: 17,081/13 km.

Monday, April 17: Just some walking today:18,171 steps/13.6 km.

Tuesday, April 18: Another gym session: leg extensions, calves, sides, lower back, and lower abs. And I set a new StairMaster record: 17 minutes, and for the first time, I felt pretty comfortable with a steady rythym. My steps for the day: 20,262/15.3 km.

Wednesday, April 19: Wednesday is my hell day with over five hours of classes. So, my steps were necessarily much fewer: 9,145/6.56 km.

Thursday, April 20: Another StairMaster record was set: 21 minutes! And before that, a pretty light chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, thighs, and calves workout. I also walked quite a bit: 20,276 steps/15.6 km.

Friday, April 21: Just some walking with Abel around Muuido: 12,892 steps/8.57 km.

Saturday, April 22: A very short gym session before a cafe working session: leg extensions, hamstring curls, lower abs, and calf raises. My total steps for the day: 20,415 steps/15.3 km.

Sunday, April 23: Back in the gym for weight and stair climbing: lats, back, biceps, and traps. And for cardio, a record breaking 22 StairMaster minutes. And my total steps for the day: 18,336 /14 km.

Monday, April 24: Just a little walking as I had three classes and then met Abel for dinner and dessert: 8,664 steps/6.17 km

Tuesday, April 25: A rare late night gym strated around 10 PM, and it was short as a result: shoulders, triceps, traps, and chest. And just 4 StairMaster minutes as it was quite late and I wanted to go home – also, StairMastering is not fun. Also. I did a lot of walking throughout the day: 21,908 steps/16.2 km.

Wednesday, April 26: Just some walking on my busiest day of the week: 12,328 steps/7.76 km.

Thursday, April 27: A gym session before. my evening class. A little weights: back, lats, biceps, traps, and calves. And for cardio, a new StairMaster record, 24 unfun minutes, helped by the guitar playing and music writing of Steve Vai. My steps for the day: 14,113 steps/10.3 km.

Friday, April 28: A lot of walking and hiking: 25,781 steps/18.5 km.

Saturday, April 29: Just some walking in the morning, and then I stayed home the rest of the day:

Sunday, April 30: A short weights session: chest, shoulders, and triceps. And then a record breaking 27 StairMaster minutes accompanied by the music of Murray Gold. And my total steps for the day: 17,893/13.1 km.


Gym Sessions: 13

StairMaster Cardio Sessions: 12

Total Steps: 505, 900