October 2018 Intermittent Fasting Diary!


Monday, October 1: A little sleep in meant that I got out of bed as my fast was around 15.5 hours old. That makes things easier. But again, for some reason/bug, my stopwatch reset itself overnight, and I’m sure I didn’t accidentally press stop. Luckily, I noted the time last night’s fast began, which was 7 p.m. Breakfast was consumed at work at 12:30 resulting in fast of 17.5 hours.

Monday/Tuesday (Oct. 1 & 2): A latte after class and then a later dinner after a treadmill session. Last food of the day was consumed around 8:35 p.m. The plan tomorrow is to go most, if not all, of the day without eating. A black coffee at around 7:30 am helped keep me focused on listening and responding to student homework assignments. I am considering walking to work this morning, a nice 50-minute walk. I did indeed walk to work. It’s now 11 a.m., and my fast is at the 14.5 hour mark. I’m actually feeling quite hungry, but the plan remains to go at least until the end of the working day which finishes just before 5 p.m. In other news, I got another “You look really healthy these days” comment! I made it until past five, and ate just before 6 pm. Just the one meal on Tuesday. I had considered a gym visit, but it didn’t happen.

Tuesday/Wednesday (Oct. 2 & 3): I fell asleep pretty early, woke up several times, and had plenty of vivid dreams involving planes, presents, cults, and baby sitting for a certain female friend. Breakfast was consumed at home just before noon, resulting in a fast of 17 hours and 37 minutes.

Wednesday/Thursday (Oct. 3 & 4): A green tea latte and then a little later just before 5 p.m., a small protein bar. That’s it for the day. My weight has stabilized with some minor fluctuations. Today, despite a pretty big breakfast a couple of hours before weighing myself, my weight came in at 83.6 kilograms (that includes the weight of my iPhone 7+ which is 200 grams). My lowest ever weight recorded was 83.5 a couple of weeks ago. I think I’ll be under 83 quite soon.

I had no problems making it to bedtime without eating. In the morning, I rode my bike to work (22 minutes), and then I had a black coffee. It’s now almost 11 a.m. and my fast just passed the 18-hour mark. I made it to 11:46 am –  a fast of 18 hours and 46 minutes. I broke that fast with a protein shake and a few handfuls of Quacker Granola.

Thursday/Friday (Oct. 4 & 5): I next ate after work (my favorite chicken avocado wrap and a green tea latte), and then I had a dark Snickers bar for a naughty dessert. I finished that at 6:11 p.m. The plan is to next eat after a weights and cardio session tomorrow morning. That’s what I did, and I recorded me lowest ever weight ever after that workout. The fast lasted 17 hours and 36 minutes.

Friday/Saturday (Oct. 5 & 6): The last food of the working week was down the hatch by about 4:45 p.m. Breakfast was 19 hours and 19 minutes later.

Saturday/Sunday (Oct. 6 & 7): My next calories came in the form of a protein shake that I felt I needed after an afternoon 55-minute weights session. A little later, I ended the day’s consumption with a green tea latte and trail mix bar. It’s now 6.5 hours later, it’s 11:30 p.m., and I am feeling very hungry. I drank some water to help get through that. I know if I can make it to bed without eating, I’ll wake up feeling less hungry, and I’ll be able to delay breakfast. I made it through the night, but woke up in the morning feeling hungry. Some work, some TV, a black coffee, and a few other little tasks and activities helped me make it to 17 hours. Now, I’m about to go for a walk.  I hope to at least get to the 18-hour mark. I walked for about 80 minutes before calling an end to the current fast. While no where no my longest fast, that was a tough one.

Sunday/Monday (Oct. 7 & 8): I had a protein shake a few hours later and then dinner was a snacking stretch at a farewell party. The food included chips and salsa, bread and salsa, and various meats. I felt like I ate too much, but it wasn’t a complete disaster, and I refined from alcohol. I made it to work the next day without breakfast. My fast just passed the 15.5-hour mark. I made it until I arrived back in my neighborhood where I immediately had breakfast/dinner.

Monday/Tuesday (Oct. 8 & 9): About 90 minutes after I finished eating, I decided to check out a music cafe across town. I found it and had a green tea to keep my fast going. I also walked 10 kilometers to make up for missing the gym today. I arrived home just after 11 p.m. It’s been seven hours since I last ate, and I am really feeling hungry. Hoping to resist eating before bed. If successful, I may break my fast soon after the 16-hour mark. I got up just after the 16-hour mark and didn’t feel particularly hungry. I watched some TV and did a little work, and now my fast is approaching 17.5 hours. At 18 hours and 23 minutes, I decided some food was in order.

Tuesday/Wednesday (Oct. 9 & 10): A cafe latte before the gym and a protein shake afterwards. Then a few snacks at a rooftop and apartment party. I ended the eating day later than usual at 9:31 pm with a green tea latte and a bagel with cream cheese. I should easily be able to go well past the end of tomorrow’s class and subsequent faculty meeting without eating again. Perhaps even a gym visit after work before breakfast/dinner? Either way, I’ll try make tomorrow a one-meal day.  I’m at a work now about to sip on a black coffee; my fast is almost 13 hours old. I didn’t make it to the gym, but I resisted eating until I returned home where I ended a fast of 19 hours and 27 minutes.

Wednesday/Thursday (Oct. 10 & 11): I made it through the night and band rehearsal easily enough and had breakfast before noon, ending a fast of 18 hours and eight minutes.

Thursday/Friday (Oct. 11 & 12): After work not long after 5 pm, I had my favorite local meal: a chicken and avocado wrap. Still feeling hungry at 6:30 I had some dried mango, and then I did a rare evening weights session. I broke my fast just after noon exactly 17 hours and 35 minutes since that last slice of dried mango.

Friday/Saturday (Oct. 12 & 13): The next food consumed at 4:45 was the last of the day. I later walked 14 kilometers. In the morning, I didn’t feel particularly hungry, but by 11:30, I felt it was time to end this fast.

Saturday/Sunday (Oct. 13 & 14): My second meal of the day was another chicken avocado wrap that was consumed by 7:40 pm after a weights session. A few beers at night before, during, and after my solo guitar set, and then as I went to bed at around midnight, I actually had  a protein shake and some toast. Well, that’s OK. It was pretty much the only time I ate so late and so close to bed time since I started intermittent fasting back in June.  Breakfast was delayed to compensate. First, a chocolate and some Ritz crackers from about 1:10 pm, and then breakfast lunch soon after. That resulted in a fast that was still longer than my pre-fasting days. Once again, my iPhone stop watch stopped at some point during the night. I had used the countdown timer when listening to music as I drifted in and out of sleep. That annoyingly seems to sometimes reset my stopwatch.

Sunday/Monday (Oct. 14 & 15): I still ate less overall, so that’s a plus, and I walked about 10 kilometers throughout the day around parts of the DMZ and my neighborhood. In other news, I bumped into an old friend I haven’t seen for about six months and she noticed I had lost weight. That was perfect timing as I want to get back on track right away. The last calories for the day were consumed just after 8 pm and were in the form of a black tea latte. I feel I’m ready to attempt a longer fast now. I just arrived at work and am sipping on a black coffee as my fast just passed the 15-hour mark. I made it through my class, and then back in my office at about the 19-hour mark, I consumed a cup of chicken broth (5 calories) and a multi vitamin. I think the calorie content of the broth was negligible enough to not break my fast. Even if it did, it was still a pretty decent fast.

My intention was to go the rest of the day without eating, but I was feeling pretty hungry after I later completed a 60-minute weights session. I had a surprising amount of energy and could have exercised more. I broke my fast properly with a chai latte, a bagel with egg; ham; and cheese, and a little later at home, a protein shake.

Monday/Tuesday (Oct. 15 & 16): I made it to work again – this fasting is getting easier and easier. Just before 1 pm I had another multi-vitamin pill and some chicken broth. I only had about half the chick broth, so that’s 2.5 calories. I think the multi-vitamin pill on an empty stomach is a bad idea. I think both yesterday and today, it made me feel a little nauseous. A cardio session after work added to my fast which I broke with an avocado chicken wrap, a green tea latte, and a dark Snickers bar.

Tuesday/Wednesday (Oct. 16 & 17): Since I had breakfast at 8 pm, there is absolutely no chance of me eating before bedtime. The goal tomorrow is to go shopping for an iron after work and then hit the gym before I consume any food, and I think I’ll skip the chicken broth tomorrow. I had an unusually restless night, but not because of any hunger pains. Perhaps my body’s reaction to two days of eating one meal a day? Anyway, I’m at work now sipping on a black coffee and the 16-hour mark was just passed. In other news, a coworker said with emphasis: “Peter, you’ve lost a LOT of weight!”. God bless her. After work, I found myself near a Smoothie King just before 3:30 pm, and decided this fast of 19 hours and 18 minutes was history.

Wednesday/Thursday (Oct. 17 & 18): About an hour later at home, I feasted on some cereal and toast. That should be it for the day. And it was except for a tablet of effervescent multivitamins and minerals. Another curiously restless night.  I broke my 18-hour and 16-minute fast after a morning weights session.

Thursday/Friday (Oct. 18 & 19): Dinner was a cheaper chicken wrap and a protein shake which I had at home before a 3-hour practice with my band. Lunch the next day after some Blue House interviews broke my fast after 18 hours and 40 minutes.

Friday/Saturday (Oct. 19 & 20): A few keto chocolates from Zee after a day of interviews and before a nap. Then a dinner of chicken tenders and fries happened a little later at Mr Hwang’s birthday party. It’s now Saturday morning, and I’m off to see a doctor about the last few days. My fast was broken earlier than anticipated, after 16 hours and 34 minutes. Suddenly, I’m in hospital!

Saturday Oct. 20 – Tuesday, Oct. 23: I stayed in hospital  until the following Tuesday afternoon. I decided to forgo fasting for the duration of my hospital stay. I did eat some pretty healthy meals, I avoided snacking, and I drank a ton of water.

Tuesday/Wednesday (Oct. 23 & 24): After the hospital stay, I decided to cut back on the fasting. I’ll aim to stick to and not go much beyond the 16/8 eating schedule (16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating). That basically comes down to an earlier dinner and a later breakfast with no snacks in between. Following my afternoon release from hospital I had my favorite avocado chicken wrap for dinner. Breakfast Wednesday morning was consumed 16 hours and 38 minutes later. I did, however, have some Powerade to help with re-hydration at night. I think I’ll continue consuming some Powerade at night until I feel normal again.

Wednesday/Thursday (Oct. 24 & 25): My second and last meal of the day was another chicken and avocado wrap and a rare chocolate flavored milk. That fast clock started again, but like last night, I consumed some Powerade while the fasting clock was ticking. A breakfast of granola cereal and coffee was consumed 17 hours and 45 minutes later.

Thursday/Friday (Oct. 25 & 26): Perhaps too much food today, or at least more than I think I needed. An unnecessary latte and a Snickers were the culprits. Dinner was history by just after 6 pm. Breakfast was earlier than usual as I have to be at work earlier and I have a busy day ahead. the 16-hour mark was reached though:

Friday/Saturday (Oct. 26 & 27): A green tea latte in the early afternoon was followed some Powerade and a little after that a snack at 4:30 pm. Some food at home later and a few snacks at Francoi’s farewell party. I finished eating later than usual, so it was quite a long wait waiting for 16 hours to pass. Breakfast was begun at 1:20 pm.

Saturday/Sunday (Oct. 27 & 28): I had a green tea latte and a small banana muffin just before 5 pm, and then I had dinner just before 8:30 pm after I finished performing with Marta, Doug, and Mario. Breakfast was 16 hours and 15 minutes later.

Sunday/Monday (Oct. 28 & 29): Dinner was half a chicken avocado wrap – the rest is for dinner tomorrow, and it was down the hatch by 6:15 pm. Breakfast was again consumed 16 hours and 15 minutes later.

Monday/Tuesday (Oct. 29 & 30): A green tea latte was next and dinner, which consisted of yesterday’s remaining half of my chicken avocado wrap plus a 600 mls of flavoured milk, was consumed a little later. I timed today’s eating window which was 4 hours and 44 minutes. I wanted to finish eating earlier today so I could have breakfast before my long day at work tomorrow starts. That’s what happened. My fast was broken 17 hours and 22 minutes later. Minutes earlier, I recorded my lowest every weight: 81.6 kilograms. I hope that’s because I have been eating less and was exercising before my hospital stint, and not because I’m sick. I find out on Thursday!

Tuesday/Wednesday (Oct. 30 & 31): Consumed before dinner was a green tea latte and a small handful of cashew nuts and sultanas. Dinner was history by 4:40 pm. It’s now almost 10 am the next morning, and I’m at work with a black coffee. I feel but am also ready to have a big breakfast quite soon. Breakfast was consumed after a fast of 17 hours and 42 minutes.

Wednesday, Oct. 31: I have to fast for at least 8 hours before a blood test at 2 pm tomorrow. Eight hours before 2 pm is 6 am, but I hope to be in bed sleeping at that time. Instead, I’ll finish eating for the day today later than normal, perhaps about 10 pm. The last food of the day was consumed a little earlier, just before 8 pm. It was the second half of the avocado wrap I had started after work.

Fasts in Order of Length:


Average Fast: 18:10