October 2019 Intermittent Fasting Diary!


Tuesday, October 1:  October has begun well so far, but it is still early days. My fast just passed the 15-hour mark, and I’m sipping on a hot Americano in a Starbucks across from SBS and next to CBS. I was tempted to order a more delicious latte, but I resisted. I need to start the month with a nice long clean fast. I my be offered food at SBS though. I made it through my SBS visit and then my four hours of classes. I ate a little after my class. The month is off to a good start. 

Tuesday/Wednesday (Oct. 1 & 2): I had a larger meal a few hours later, and the fasting clock started at 9:24 p.m. Now, it’s almost 14 hours later, and I feel no immediate need to eat. I made it through the working day and broke my fast with a banana smoothie at home.

Wednesday/Thursday (Oct. 2 & 3): Dinner followed soon after and the fasting clock was started at 7:23 p.m. after dinner at home on a lazy Wednesday evening. I took advantage of the Thursday holiday to stay in bed until about noon. By then, my fast could already be considered a successful one. The fast was broken in one of my regular cafes at exactly the 18-hour mark .

Thursday/Friday (Oct. 3 & 4): That breakfast was my only meal, and the next fast was an easy 19 hours. I was tempted to eat before bed, but in the morning I wasn’t particularly hungry and only really ate because of today’s schedule. The month has started well.

Friday/Saturday (Oct. 4 & 5): The day’s calories ended, fingers crossed, at 1:33 p.m. with a  gloriously sweet white chocolate mocha. The tentative plan is not eat until around 12:30 p.m., perhaps after a cardio session. And a weights session is planned for later this afternoon. The weight session happened, but as a result, so did dinner. The fasting clock began again at 9:46 p.m. As I type this, the 16-hour mark is just 12 minutes away. I broke my fast at Olympic Park about four hours before Sting took to the stage.

Saturday/Sunday (Oct. 5 & 6): No more calories were consumed as I resisted a late-night post Sting concert urge to eat. I’m now sipping on a hot Americano while doing some reading and internet and work stuff. My fast is approaching 19.5 hours. This month really has started well. Now approaching 22 hours, and I’m feeling a little hungry. I found it surprisingly easy to not eat for another 6.5 hours. I shouldn’t be surprised though because hunger comes in waves and it was mostly low tide all afternoon. I wasn’t exactly starving when I did break my longest fast to date with a banana smoothie, but it sure felt good going down.

Sunday/Monday (Oct. 6 & 7): Sunday’s only meal was in the evening – the fasting clock began at 8:35 p.m., so I had no trouble not eating before bed. The morning went quickly, and my fast is already at the 16-hour mark. I am feeling pretty hungry though. I have four hours of classes starting in about 25 minutes, I’m not sure if I’ll try to extend this fast until my last class ends. I’ll take a banana and a protein bar to class just in case. I decided to eat during the break in my first class. The fast was still a decent one at 17 hours and 22 minutes.

Monday/Tuesday (Oct. 7 & 8):  After class, I had dinner and a hot chocolate before starting the fasting clock at 5:44 p.m. I just may be able to do another 24-hour plus fast maybe. On the other hand, I may go to the gym in the morning and eat after my workout. I didn’t make it to the gym, but I decided that around 18.25 hours was enough for this fast.

Tuesday/Wednesday (Oct. 8 & 9): A protein cookie a little later on the way to work and the fasting clock began at 12:39 p.m.  It’s now 11 hours later, and I think I can go the rest of the night without eating. I’m currently in a cafe sipping on a hot green tea and doing some reading and internet stuff. I had no trouble getting to sleep and by the time I got my fast had passed the 20-hour mark.

Wednesday/Thursday (Oct. 9 & 10): I maybe finished eating for the day at 12:15 p.m. and the fast clock began again. A 90-minute weights session killed all notions of fasting the rest of the day. I had dinner and then the fasting clock started for the second and final time today at exactly 7:27 p.m. The next tentative plan is to not eat until after or even well after my last class tomorrow which finished just before 5 p.m. The weights session is also blamed for a midnight meal. Another case of the floodgates opening when I had something small to eat. The fasting clock began at 12:41 a.m. I admittedly ate a protein bar about 12 hours later, but I kept the fasting clock running and ignoring that protein bar, my dirty fast was 17 hours and one minute long.

Thursday/Friday (Oct. 10 & 11): I ate again late at night, and then again in the morning. Today’s fast was cancelled. The fasting clock did start pretty early in the day thought at 12:55 p.m. I had a hot chocolate a few hours later before heading to the gym. It was a pretty intense workout. Perhaps that contributed to me eating a protein bar very early in the morning. That’ll go down in the records as a dirty fast of 19 hours and 24 minutes. I should have really stopped the fasting clock when I had that protein bar, but I can live with this one little indiscretion.

Friday/Saturday (Oct. 11 & 12): On Friday, the fasting clock started pretty early at 12:55 p.m. I had a hot chocolate a few hours later before heading to the gym. It was a pretty intense workout. Perhaps that contributed to me eating a protein bar very early in the morning. Hence, another fast is cancelled. I still think I was close to a calorie deficit maybe. Breakfast was had at a Starbucks at 8:20 a.m. The tentative plan is to not eat again until dinner. Well, that didn’t happen.

Saturday/Sunday (Oct. 12 & 13): Dinner was history by 8:33 p.m. Another dirty fast as I had a latte at around the 14.5 hour mark and then a small hot chocolate about 100 minutes later. That should be it until dinner time. It’s 3:30 and I’m almost at the 19-hour mark. The fast was broken after 21 hours and 50 minutes. It felt good to work up an appetite again.

Sunday/Monday (Oct. 13 & 14): I made it to work easily enough and my fast is just passing the 15.5-hour mark. I made it to 17 hours and 16 minutes. The thought of enduring two two-hour classes without eating was not a nice one. I finished lunch during the break in my my class.

Monday/Tuesday (Oct. 14 & 15): The fasting clock started, but I ate again after my second class. The fasting clock then started at 5:18 p.m. Full disclosure, I had a small hot chocolate instead of a zero calorie green tea at around 9 pm after a weights and cardio session at my local gym. I also had a wee snack on my way home. I just couldn’t resist buying a small packet of Maltesers, having just seen them for the first time ever in my local convenience store. Another fast cancelled, but it at least wasn’t cancelled with a huge meal. A latte at 9:30 the next morning continued the streak.

Tuesday/Wednesday (Oct. 15 & 16): The plan is to have a big breakfast around noon and then that will be it for the day. In other news, a pair of pants I haven’t worn since August felt tighter. I need to get back on track. Consistency is one of the keys. My fast started at 12:14 p.m. I had a green tea latte just before 6 p..m., so this fast will go down in the record books as “dirty fast”.  A Holly’s Cafe breakfast broke a dirty fast of 20 hours and 6 minutes. My breakfast, which was not particularly large, consisted of a cafe latte and a blueberry bagel with cream cheese.

Wednesday/Thursday (Oct. 16 & 17): I ate again just before class since my breakfast wasn’t so big. I then had a green tea latte after a workout. That was going to be it for the day, but I decided to have dinner just after 9 p.m. The plan is then to not eat until after my classes finish. I did have  latte though just before 9:30 a.m. Not eating until after class proved too difficult, and I broke a measly dirty fast of 14 hours and three minutes.

Thursday/Friday (Oct. 17 & 18): Once home, I had a banana smoothie, some cereal, and a protein bar. After a nap, it was off to band practice. I ended the night with a zero calorie club soda. It’s Friday, and I’m now at my Korean lesson cafe, and my fast is approaching 14.5 hours. Breakfast was started at the 15.75 hour mark. I wasn’t particularly hungry, but it made sense to eat then considering my plans for the rest of the day.

Friday/Saturday (Oct. 18 & 19): Chinese food was served as a late lunch, and a little later I ended the day’s calories with a hot chocolate and a protein bar. Breakfast the next morning was begun after a weights and cardio session and that ended a fast of 17 hours and 24 minutes.

Saturday/Sunday (Oct. 19 & 20): Saturday night was band night, so fasting was skipped to allow me to have a few drinks and then some late night snacks.

Sunday/Monday (Oct. 20 & 21): The fasting clock started at 2:34 p.m. I had a small green tea latte at around 8 p.m. as I settled down to work. The plan is for a morning workout and then to delay breakfast until perhaps 12 p.m. or even after my classes. That didn’t happen. What happened was a midnight meal. A latte 9.5 hours means this is another dirty fast. I’m confident I can go until dinner at around 7 p.m. without eating. That didn’t happen either. Another fast cancelled.

Monday/Tuesday (Oct. 21 & 22):  The fasting clock started at exactly 9 p.m. after a hedonistic cheesecake and hot chocolate. I resisted the temptation to begin the day with a latte and instead had an Americano. My fast is approaching the 14.5 hour mark. Today is the day I get back in track! I did indeed get back on track and it felt good again to eat after a longish fast of 21 hours. But I’m coming down with a cold, so I might have another wee break. I have in the found fasting more difficult when I’ve got a bug.

Tuesday/Wednesday (Oct. 22 & 23): Tuesday’s dinner was my only meal of the day, and the fasting clock started at 7:09 p.m. I’m back the yesterday morning’s cafe doing some work and sipping on an Americano which was begun a few minutes after my fast passed the 16-hour mark. Breakfast broke a fast of 20 hours and 24 minutes. That was my only meal today.

Wednesday/Thursday (Oct. 23 & 24): A pancake breakfast broke a fast of 18 hours and 27 minutes.

Thursday/Friday (Oct. 24 & 25): Thursday night was pizza night with Yeongsin. Waking up early, I decided to start the day without fasting. Thus, a banana smoothie was prepared and consumed. I ate a couple of more times throughout the day.

Friday/Saturday (Oct. 25 & 26): Breakfast on Saturday morning at home broke a fast of 17 hours and 24 minutes.

Saturday/Sunday (October 26 & 27): With lots of work to do and a niggling cold, fasting went out the window.

Sunday/Monday (October 27 & 28): I started the fasting clock at 12:52 p.m. after a latte. It remains to be seen if those are today’s last calories. Consistency was the key to my success last year and early this year, but recently that consistency has left me, and as a result so have the gains I made. Alas. Five hours later, I did indeed consume some more calories in the form of a protein bar and a green tea latte, but I’m fine with that as they followed a 53-minute weights session. The fasting clock started again for real this tome at 5:56 p.m. If all goes well, I’ll exercise again before breakfast. Well, that didn’t happen as I just have too much work to do before classes begin at 1 p.m. I did have a very light breakfast that consisted of a latte and a small free sample Starbuck’s egg sandwich. It was really just a mouthful. Hence, I’ll continue this fast and consider it another dirty one. The plan now is to not eat until after my classes. Well, mainly to break the monotony of work, I had breakfast at 16 hours and 48 minutes into my fast, except that wasn’t really a fast at all.

Monday/Tuesday (Oct. 28 & 29): I finished dinner at 5:55 p.m. The resulting fast was a shorter one at 15 hours and 26 minutes, but it did at least include a weights session. The fasting clock started again just before my 1 p.m. class, but it was another aborted fast with a latte and later some small snacks that were given to me and before bed a protein bar.

Tuesday/Wednesday (Oct. 29 & 30): I forgot to note what and when I ate, a clear sign I am getting off track. I do know I did not complete an honest fast.

Wednesday/Thursday (Oct. 30 & 31): Breakfast Thursday morning broke a fast of just 14 hours and 20 minutes.

Thursday, October 31: I had dinner after class and then I finished eating for the day at 7 p.m. after a chocolate mint latte and quite a big cookie. I must do better next month. This month’s average of 18 hours and 38 minutes doesn’t take into account the days off and the five dirty fasts. That was me going off track. And I noticed the difference both on the scales with some weight gain and with how I generally felt.

Fasts by Length:


Average Fast: 18:38