November 2022 Fitness Diary!

Tuesday, November 1:  Just a few steps today: 8,287 steps/6.03 km and a short weights session, just chest, shoulders, and tricps. I needed to get on with my marking and my neighborhood is of course still reeling from Saturday night. (Gym Session 1)

Wednesday, November 2: No sleep last night so a gym visit was out of the question. And my lowest amount of steps for a very long time: 5,395 steps/3.95 steps.

Thursday, November 3: A little more walking after I caught up on my sleep: 12,226 steps/9.18 steps. And also a very short weights session before heading to campus for my night class, which is now officially my favorite! At the gym: back, lats, and biceps. (Gym Session 2)

Friday, November 4: Still not back into my normal routine. No gym and less walking than usual: 12,535/9.49 steps.

Saturday, November 5: Most active day in about a week: A short gym session: chest, shoulders, triceps, and traps. And a decent amount of walking: 22,430 steps/16.8 km. (Gym Session 3)

Sunday, November 6: Back in the gym for back, lats, biceps, and I think that was it? I’m writing this the following Thursday. At least I know how many steps I did thanks to my trusty app: 20,941 steps/15.5 km. (Gym Session 4)

Monday, November 7: Just a walking day: 25,331 steps/19 km.

Tuesday, November 8: Just another walking day: 21,065 steps/15.6 km.

Wednesday, November 9: Yet another just a walking day: 21,748 steps/16.4 km.

Thursday, November 10: I started the day with a rare morning workout: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, and to a much lesser extent: sides, lower back, and calves. The plan is for a longer more intense session early tomorrow morning. My steps for the day: steps/ km. (Gym Session 5)

Friday, November 11: A short weights session: back, lats, biceps, and wrist curls. And a lot of walking:  26,151 steps/19.7 km. (Gym Session 6)

Saturday, November 12: A longer and slightly different gym sessions: hamstrings, leg extensions, leg presses, calves, sides, lower back, biceps, forearms, and shoulders. I walked a little less, but that’s OK: 14,365 steps/10.8 km. (Gym Session 7)

Sunday, November 13: A heavy chest and triceps workout also since they weren’t noticeably sore from yesterday, I did some more shoulders plus some shrugs for my traps. My steps for the day totaled: 17,616 steps/13.6 km. (Gym Session 8)

Monday November 14: A rare late gym session that almost didn’t happen: leg extensions, hamstring curls, calves, sides, back, and biceps, and lower back although not many sets of the upper body exercises. My steps today: 20,588/15.6 km. (Gym Session 9)

Tuesday. November 15: No gym today and probably – no, for sure – too much food. My steps for the day: 19,585/14.5 km.

Wednesday, November 16: Another night gym session: chest, shoulders, triceps, and traps. My steps for the day: 16,440/12.3 km. (Gym Session 10)

Thursday, November 17: No gym today, just some more walking: 17,616 steps/13 km.

Friday, November 18: No gym again. Instead, a lot of walking: 24,050 steps/18.6 km.

Saturday, November 19: Back in the gym, but I took things a little easy due to some lower back soreness; lats, back, traps, biceps, forearms, calves, leg extensions, leg presses, and hamstring curls. My steps for the day: 17,987/13.5 km. (Gym Session 11)

Sunday. November 20:  Another walking day: 24,828 steps/18.2 km.

Monday, November 21: A lot of walking again and a late night gym session that I almost skipped. The result was a short and intense workout, hence a protein shake before bed: shoulders, triceps, chest, and traps. Also a set of sides and lower back extensions. My back felt normal in the evening, but was sore again the next morning. My steps for the day: 25,124/19 km. (Gym Session 12)

Tuesday, November 22: Just a walking day: 21,496 steps/15.8 km.

Wednesday. November 23: Just a walking day: 22,708 steps/17.6 km.

Thursday. November 24: Less walking 10,565 steps/7.93 km.

Friday, November 25: A lot of walking, but no gym session again: 27, 831 steps/21.1 km.

Saturday, November 26:  Finally, back in the gym: lats, traps, back, biceps, forearms, leg extensions, hamstring curls, some calf raises – but not many, and some lower back extentions – also not many.  Also a set of push-ups at night. My total steps for the day: 13,359 steps/10.1 km. (Gym Session 13)

Sunday, November 27: Just some walking and a couple of sets of push-ups: 19,012 steps/13.9 km, and I really don’t know how I managed that after a very rare night that included a few too many drinks.

Monday, November 28: Less walking today: 11,273 steps/8.65 km.

Tuesday, November 29: Back in my gym: shoulders, chest, triceps, traps, and lower back. My total steps for the day:  10,606 steps/8.15 km. (Gym Session 14)

Wednesday, November 30: My total steps for the day: 20,242 steps/15 km.


Total Gym Sessions: 14

Total Steps: 548,910