2022 Reading Diary Part 2!


Reminder: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases via the Amazon links included below – not that anyone has actually purchased a book from my links, but that’s ok – this diary is really just for me.

Book 24: Inversions (1998) by Iain M. Banks is his sixth book in his Culture series, and it’s quite a departure as its set on a planet with a human civilization with Medieval-level technology. As such the science fiction element are almost – but not quite present, and I have to say it’s probably my favorite of the series so far. It’s just a little surprising that I’m not reading faster considering I am on vacation. It took three weeks, but you could say I savoured it rather than devoured it. (Read between June 23 & July 15)

Book 25: Under Fortunate Stars (2022) by Ren Hutchings. This space opera/time travel debut novel had me hooked from the get go – I love these first time experiences with an author that grabs me.  After savoring Inversions at a slow savoring pace, I’m devouring this!  Albeit not as quickly as I had first anticipated, but I read it at a good pace nonetheless. This was one of those books I was sad to finish. Ren Hutchings, thank you! (Read between July 15 & 19)

Book 26: Shadows of Self (2015) by Brandon Sanderson is the second in his Wax and Wane series and fifth overall in his broader Mistborn saga. Warbreaker (2009), my first Sanderson didn’t really do a lot for me, but I have now come to understand his popularity and achievements.  Having said that, the story and characters are still very much fresh in my mind two years after finishing it. Anyway, I’m officially now a big fan. I am enjoying this more than his other books – with perhaps the exception of The Wheel of Time books that he wrote to complete Robert Jordan’s massive work. (Read between July 19 & August 4)

Book 27: Eversion (2022) (Read between August 4 & 7)

Book 28: