September 2012 Fitness Diary!

September 1: The month began wonderfully well with 45 cross-trainer minutes followed by some skipping and a light chest. shoulders, and triceps workout:

 Sunday, September 2: A nice steady 10 k jog along Seoul’s Han River with some Mannam cultists who like to run and some non-cultisits from the Seoul Flyers Running Club who also like to run. I think they are all mad.

 Monday, September 3: A short back, lats, traps, and lower nack workout after work.

Wednesday, September 5: 55 cross-trainer minutes followed by … I forget. Light weights perhaps legs or back?

 Thursday, September 6: My first lunchtime gym workout since starting my current job 13 months ago! Chest, shoulders, triceps, and some legs!

Saturday, September 8: 50 cross-trainer minutes:

 Tuesday, September 11: A lovely Irish morning run along Dublin’s Liffey River:

 Wednesday, September 12: Some pushups and shoulder raises in my hotel room before the conference, and that was it as far as exercise goes for the rest of my ten-day Ireland/Ul business trip. Ten days, way too much food, and 2.5 kilograms later…

Saturday, September 22: Gym, how I’ve missed you! 50 cross-trainer minutes followed by back, traps, lats, biceps, and lower back.

 Monday, September 24: Chest, shoulders, triceps, legs, calves.

Tuesday, September 25: I ran 1.8 kilometres and then broke the treadmill I was running on and then I ran a further 2 kilometres in under ten minutes on its neighbour. Legs to finish the memorable session:

 Friday, September 28: 50 cross-trainer minutes followed immediately by a lght back and biceps workout:

Sunday, September 30: Something different to help work off some of those naughty UK kilograms: a 16.1 kilometre jog  in 1 hour 38 minutes and 55 seconds: