September 2022 Fitness Diary!

Thursday, September 1: The month and the new semester began with a gym session: calves, leg extensions, leg presses (second day in a row), hamstring curls, sides, and lower back. My steps for the day amounted to 19,074/14.3 km.

Friday, September 2: I started the day with a set of 40 push-ups. Gym in the afternoon: back, lats, biceps, traps, and forearms. I walked less today: 11,688 steps/9.19 km.

Saturday, September 3: A 55-minute gym session included my best shoulders workout in a while: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, calves, and sides. And it was a big walking day with 27,003 steps/20.6 km, and I slept like a baby as a result – a baby that sleeps well.

Sunday, September 4: Just some walking: 17,238 steps/12.8 km.

Monday, September 5: I started the day with two sets of push-ups of 30 and 32 reps. And that was basically it because of the rain from the approaching typhoon. My least amount of steps in a long time: 6,783 steps/4.85 km.

Tuesday, September 6: The typhoon rains moved on overnight, which was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. That allowed me to get back into walking. I went to the gym as my steps approached 28,000, and my legs didn’t feel tired. My plan was to exercise my legs and back anc biceps, but after a decent leg workout, I just did a set or two of exercises for my back, lats, traps, and biceps. I plan to return to the gym tomorrow morning bright and early for that big back workout I missed. My total steps and kms for the day: 31,762 steps/24.3 km.

Wednesday, September 7: An early morning walk resulted in my passing 11,000 steps before 8 a.m. I didn’t make it to the gym before work, but that’s fine. Instead, I did two sets of push-up before heading off to work: a set of 47 and a set of 30. Totals steps and kilometers travelled on foot came to 18,726 steps/14.4 km.

Thursday, September 8: Colonoscopy day! No walking was possible in the morning, and the doc. recommended no strenuous exercise. No gym as a result, but I did a little walking after my night class: 11,985 steps/8.84 km.

Friday, September 9: Back to serious exercsing with a long morning walk that resulted in almost 19,000 steps. A gym session is scheduled after I do some work in this nice little cafe by Ehwa Women’s University. My gym is now closed for a few weeks for renovations, but there’s a branch a few hundred meters away from that little cafe. And while at that cafe, I read about 40 pages of Exercised, which has kept my motivation to work out high. My first workout in that gym was an intense one: lats, back, biceps, lower back, sides, forearms, calves, and for the first time in the while, some skipping. Once home, I did a set of 43 push-ups. My total steps and km for the day: 29,450 steps/22.8 km.

Saturday, September 10: My gym was closed. Drats. Instead, rather a restful day with a lot of walking at a leisurely relaxed pace. At home in the evening, two sets of push-ups of 43 and 25 sets. My total steps and km for the day:  steps/ km.

Sunday, September 11: I started the day’s exercise with a set of 45 push-ups and some sit ups. I’ve been avoiding abs as I think there’s a hernia in my future, but I felt fine doing those sit ups. I assumed the gym would be closed today, so I didn’t bother going. Instead, I had another big walking day: 31,414 steps/23.9 km.

Monday, September 12: I started the day with a set of 41 push-ups. I hit the gym later: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps. sides – two kinds of exercised for the first time in over.a year – a few calf raises, and some skipping. I’m taking easy on the skipping with all my recent waling, and I’ll gradually increase.  Some walking, about half as much as yesterday: 17,780 steps/13.2 km.

Tuesday, September 13: I did the bulk of my walking in the morning. I skipped the gym as I was feeling pretty sore from yesterday’s workout. My total walking stats for the day: 26,307 steps/20.8 km.

Wednesday, September 14: Just some walking: 15,461 steps/12.2 km.

Thursday, September 15: Back in the gym for my first legs workout in a while: leg extensions, leg presses, calves, hamstrings, and core which consisted of sit-ups, side raises, and lower back extensions. I also did some push-ups using dumbbells as push-up handles. I did a set of 41 push-ups and then five more a few seconds later. I did a few shrugs for my traps, and I also skipped a bit. My walking stats for the day are as follows: 23,523 steps/17.6 km.

Friday, September 16: Another walking day, and I was surprised at the total: 25,155 steps/19.3 km.

Saturday, September 17: A morning walk got me almost 16,600 steps, and I plan to go to the gyn in a few hours. And it was a good workout that included some variations on my usual back exercises: lats, back, lower back, biceps, forearms, and calves. I also did a couple of sets of push-ups (25 and 15), again using dumbells as handles: My total steps for the day: 24,435 steps/ 19.7 km. And I’ll sleep well tonight as a result.

Sunday, September 18: I had a really lazy morning and afternoon – and I think I needed that. At around 5:30 PM, I did a set of 43 push-ups. And after a night walk, my total walking numbers were 17,829 steps/14.2 km.

Monday, September 19: Laziest day in months! Well, it was a bust work day, but I essentially blew off all plans to exercise. I had considered going to the gym after class, but I went home instead, and then I stayed there. All my walking involved getting to and from work: 6,872 steps/5.25 km. And silly me for calling that a lazy day. Rest is important, and I deserved a day of it. I agree!

Tuesday, September 20: Back walking and back in the gym: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, and calves. And my walking totals for the day: 28,390 steps/22.3 km.

Wednesday, September 21: Just a walking day: 23, 140 steps/ 17.7 km

Thursday, September 22: Back in the gym, but I didn’t have a lot of time as I arrived later than I had planned and I had an evening class that I needed to arrive early for. As a result, my workout was limited to 22 minutes, but I made the most of the minutes with little to no rests between sets: lats, back, biceps, forearms, and lower back. and regarding walking, I just managed to surpass by 20,000 daily steps goal: 20,204 steps/ 15.7 km.

Friday, September 23:  More walking and a legs weights session that I almost skipped: leg extensions, some weightless squats, hamstring curls, calf raises. My walking totals for the day: 22,093 steps/17.1 km,

Saturday, September 24: I was inactive until 5 pm, and then I walked and went to the gym and then I walked some more. At the gym, it was my favorite upper body workout: chest, shoulders, triceps, and traps, My walking stats for the day: 15,488 steps/12. 1 km.

Sunday, September 25: Very active day that was kickstarted by a morning walking evet from DDP to Gwangwhamun. My totals steps came to 30,251 steps/21.8 km. And I went to the gym for a very solid and focused session: back, lats (reversing my usual order), biceps, and forearms.

Monday, September 26:  Just a walking (and working) day: 15,825 steps/12.2 km.

Tuesday, September 27: A solid chest, shoulders, triceps, and traps workout, and my walking stats were as follows 16,163 steps/12.4 km.

Wednesday, September 28: Another day of walking and working: 15,084 steps/11.8 km.

Thursday, September 29: A morning walk resulted in 16,000 steps before breakfast. A gym session is planned for a little after 4 PM. And it happened: leg extensions, leg presses, hamstring curls, and calves plus a set of 43 push-ups. My total steps for the day:  24,004 steps/19 km.

Friday, September 30: Just a walking day to end the month: 20,911 steps/16.4 km.

According to my trusty iPhone and its apps., I averaged 20,420 steps a day in September with a total of 612,600 steps.