December 2022 Fitness Diary!

Thursday, December 1: Just some walking mostly later at night: 20,544 steps/16.3 km.

Friday, December 2: First gym session of the month: back, lats, traps, biceps, calves, lower back, leg extensions, and hamstring curls. My steps for the day: 13,966 steps/10.2 km.

Saturday, December 3: Just some walking today: 14,284 steps/10.9 km.

Sunday, December 4: Another walking day: 24, 298 steps/17. 9 km.

Monday, December 5: A different gym session  as I had a trainer who was trying to sell personal training sessions join me for some of my workout. I also had an inline body composition test, and once again, my muscle mass was in the “very high” range! But fat could be less, so I need to work on that more. I have to say I think a trainer would helkp me get results, but well, the brief time I spent with her was also pretty annoying! I got a few types from her though – she also suggested running/jogging, and I’m not totally opposed to the idea. Perhaps next year some time when I have some more free time. I’ll add the hip thrust machine thing to my workouts as well as seated inclines leg presses, and more sit ups. My workout consisted of leg extensions, hip thrusts, hamsting curls, calves, inclined situps, sides, and lower back extensions. My steps for the day were less at: 12,431/9.34 km.

Tuesday, December 6: Just a walking day: 20,064 steps/15.3 km.

Wednesday, December 7: A night gym session (workout 3) began around 8:30 PMish:  chest, shoulder, tricep, traps, abs, and lower back. My steps for the day: 19,237 steps/14.3 km.

Thursday, December 8: Another walking day: 18,800 steps/13.6 km.

Friday, December 9: An early morning workout, my fourth gym session this month, started aroumd 8 AM: back, lats, biceps, traps, forearms, and lower back.  My steps for the day: 34,002/ 24.9 km – a bit of an increase!

Saturday, December 10: An evening light workout, number 5: chest, shoulders, triceps, hip thrusts, leg extensions, calves, sides, and lower back. Another big walking day: 33,559 steps/24.7 km.

Sunday, December 11: More walking, a lot more walking: 37,115 steps/28.4 km.

Monday, December 12: Less walking, but still a lot of walking: 21,583 steps/16.3 km.

Tuesday, December 13: More walking: 25, 403 steps/19 km.

Wednesday, December 14: Back in the gym for my 6th workout: back, lats, traps, biceps, forearms, and lower back. And a lot of walking again, mostly at night: 26,805 steps/20.3 km.

Thursday, December 15: Walking 20 km a day is starting to feel normal: 27,853 steps/20.3 km. But I ate too much food.

Friday, December, 16: More walking, and I had completed 17,000 steps before noon. My total came to 31,183 steps/23.7 km.

Saturday, December 17: I gave my walking legs a bit of a rest today with just 10,405 steps/7.27 km. They did, however, have to do some work in my seventh gym session of the month: shoulders, chest, triceps, traps, leg extensions, hamstring curls, hip extensions, and a couple of sets of light calf raises.

Sunday, December 18: More walking, and back to a decent amount of steps: 23,769/18.4 km. 

Monday, December 19: Too busy to exercise much today and no chance of a gym session. Totals steps for the day: 10,43/7.87 km.

Tuesday, December 20: A gym session later at night, my eighth for the month: back, lats, biceps, leg presses, hamstring curls, sides, and lower back extensions. Totals steps for the day: 27,503/21.2 km.

Wednesday, December 21: Another night gym session (workout 10): triceps, shoulders, chest, calves, and. lower back. Totals steps for the day: 15,086/11.5km.

Thursday, December 22: Just a walking day as winter classes began and I made progress grading my students’ presentations. Totals steps for the day: 16,031/11.9 km.

Friday, December 23: Totals steps for the day: 14,900/11 km.

Saturday, December 24: A big Xmas Eve weights session (workout 11): back, lats, biceps, shrugs, leg extensions, hip thrusts, hamstring curls, calves, sides, lower back, and for a change, lower abs. I was worried about an old muscle tear, but I felt fine. Ready to add ab work back into my workouts.

Sunday, December 25: Totals steps for the day:18,395/14.1 km.

Monday, December 26: Total steps for the day: 11,611 steps/8.64 km.

Tuesday, December 27: I didn’t leave home. 114 steps for the day, just a few trips to the fridge and bathroom.

Wednesday, December 28: Another low step count day: 6,159 steps.

Thursday, December 29: Above 10,000 steps again: 11,133 steps/8.35 km

Friday, December 30: A little more walking: 15,688 steps/11.9 km.

Saturday, December 31: A fraction less walking: 15,576 steps/11.7 km, and finally back in the gym (workout 12) for 2022’s final day: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, and lower abs. And 2022 is now history,


Starting Weight: 89.3 kg

Finish Weight: 88.8 kg

Total Gym Sessions: 12

Total Steps: 592, 547 steps