April 2018 Fitness Diary!

Lats April, I exercised 5-6 days a week, but soon after, my trips to the gym and the intensity of my efforts there gradually faded away. As I write this, April 2018 is nine days old, and I have only managed two rather pitiful exercise bike sessions at home. I have been playing guitar more – around 90 minutes most days, and my social life is more active, but I still need to find time to exercise. I’m hoping a glance at last April’s exercise diary will help me find that missing motivation.

April 1 РApril 3:  A slow start to the month.

Wednesday, April 4: Eleven measly minutes on my newish exercise bike before work. Well, that’s better than nothing.

April 5 – April 8: More days without exercise.

Monday, April 9: Twenty minutes on my exercise bike late at night.

Saturday, April 14: Back in the gym for some light weights (chest, shoulders, triceps, core, and forearms) and some cardio (25 treadmill minutes and 120 jumps):

Sunday, April 15: I walked about 14 kilometers and ate pretty well. I also read a lot and while doing so, came upon this motivating paragraph from Peter F. Hamilton’s Mindstar Rising. Something to strive for, but I’m not quite there yet – more like the opposite.

Wednesday, April 18: I made it to the gym for a brief workout. Life has been a little hectic this week, and going to the gym Monday and Tuesday just wasn’t on the cards. No chance tomorrow either, so it had to be today. Glad I made it, even if the resulting workout was brief and not all that intense. These days, any exercise is a win! Light weights: lats, core, calves, and biceps. That was followed by 11 treadmill minutes – time was short – and 120 skips.

Friday, April 20: Just 12 exercise bike minutes on a Friday night.

Saturday, April 21: Just a quick cardio workout on a busy Saturday afternoon: 14 treadmill minutes and 120 skips.

Monday, April 23: Some sit-ups in the morning, something I should have been doing most mornings for the past decade.

Tuesday, April 24: Fourteen exercise bike minutes to start the day on an energetic note.

Wednesday, April 25: Another morning abs workout. Back in the gym in the afternoon for a pretty intense and breakless 30-minute weight session: chest, shoulders, triceps, sides, lower back, traps, and calves. That was the hardest I’ve worked my muscles in a long long time.

Friday, April 27: Some abs and calves in the morning, and a gym visit in the evening: sides, lower back, forearms, a little more abs and calves before 18 treadmill minutes and 120 jumps with my trusty skipping rope.

Saturday, April 28: Seventeen treadmill minutes on a quiet Saturday night.

Sunday, April 29: Abs and calves at home in the morning. Later, in the afternoon, some sides and lower back extensions after buying this:

Monday, April 30: I ended the month with some weights (lats, back, and biceps), 11 treadmill minutes, and 120 jumps.