March 2023 Fitness Diary!

Wednesday, March 1: I started the month with a lot of walking: 25,709 steps/18.6 km.

Thursday, March 2: A thirty-five minute gym session a few hours ahead of my first class of the new spring semester: back (a lot of various exercises), lats, biceps, lower back (leg raises and a plank), sides, lower abs, and calves. My steps for the day: 16,532 steps/ 12.5 km.

Friday, March 3: Another gym session: chest, shoulders, triceps, and traps. And since masks are no longer required in gyms, I hopped on a treadmill for the first time since the early days of the pandemic. I don’t want to run too much to avoid injury and shin splints, so I turned up the speed and ran for 90 seconds. And that felt good. My steps for the day:  21,149 steps /15.7 km.

Saturday, March 4: My third gym session in three days: leg extensions, hip things, hamstring curls, calf raises, side and lower back extensions. I also completed another short and fast treadmill session lasting two whole minutes. My walking steps for the day: 10,932 steps/8.22 km.

Sunday, March 5: Just some walking today: 15,339 steps/11.5 km.

Monday, March 6: More walking: 21,897 steps/16.1 km.

Tuesday, March 7: Again, more walking: 23,964 steps/18.2 km.

Wednesday, March 8: Less walking on my first busy Wednesday of the semester. One down, eleven to go: 11,714 steps/8.48 km.

Thursday, March 9: A short workout in the middle of a busy day: back, lats, traps, biceps, and lower back. My steps for the day: 17,041 steps/12.6 km.

Friday, March 10: Just some walking: 15,067 steps/11.4 km.

Saturday, March 11: Just some more walking: 26,426 steps/20 km.

Sunday, March 12: Again, just some more walking: 13,600 steps/10.1 km.

Monday, March 13: I don’t know how or why I didn’t make it to the gym over my three-day weekend. I have felt energetic of late, but I’ve maintainedn a good number of steps per day. I returned to my gym in the evening for a pretty lackluster effort: leg extentions, hamstring curls, chest, shoudlers, triceps, and a set of lower back extensions. My steps for the day: 12,756/9.51 km.

Tuesday, March 14: The shortest of workouts started at around 10:30, and it lasted barely 15 minutes. Perhaps closer to ten. Just really one set: lats, back, biceps, lower abs, and calves. Total steps: 22,525/16.7 km.

Wednesday, March 15: Just some walking on the busiest day of the week:  6,836 steps/4.89 km.

Thursday, March 16: Just walking again: 21,196 steps/15.9 km.

Friday, March 17: A little walking: 7,670 steps/5.71 km.

Saturday. March 18: Back in the gym: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, and one set of lower abs, leg extensions, and hamstring curls. And some calf raises at home. My total steps for the day: 13,992/10.7 km.

Sunday. March 19: Back in the gym again: lats, back, biceps, forearms, and one set of lower abs, leg extensions, and hamstring curls. And some calf raises at home. My total steps for the day: 23,146/17.6 km.

Monday, March 20: Just a walking day: 13,660 steps /10.3 km

Tuesday, March 21: Another gymless walking day: 24,802 steps /18.9 km

Wednesday, March 22: Another gymless walking day, but that’s ok because my Wednesday’s are crazy busy: 11,898 steps /8.92

Thursday, March 23: I could have gone to the gym, but I didn’t. Another gymless walking day:19,527 steps/14.7 km

Friday, March 24: Ditto: 17,035 steps /12 km. I actually made it to the gym, but upon arriving, decided to attend a work meeting that wasn’t compulsaory. I wish I had stayed at the gym.

Saturday, March 25: Just a few exercises at home: two sets of push-ups, shoulders, triceps, calves, and one 55-second plank. And I walked 20,012 steps/14.6 km.

Sunday, March 26: Back in the gym for a workout for the first time since last Sunday: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, leg extensions, hamstrings, and a little lower abs and calf raises. My steps for the day: 20,517/15.5 km.

Monday, March 27: Just another walking day: 15,841 steps/11.9 km.

Tuesday, March 28: A short gym session: back, lats, biceps, leg extensions, hamstrings, and a little lower abs. My steps for the day: 18,167/13.6 km.

Wednesday, March 29: More steps than I had expected given my heavy teaching load today: 15,667 steps/11.1 km.

Thursday, March 30: Another gym session: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, and some calves and lower abs. I also completed four unfun minutes on a stairmaster. My steps for the day:

Friday, March 31: Just a little core work at home in the morning and I walked 18,913 steps/13.2 km.


Weights Sessions: 11

Approx. Total Steps: 537,974 steps