January 2023 Fitness Diary!

Sunday, January 1: The year began with me transcribing student discussions and helping Su-bin with her resume, so not a lot of time for exercise, so I began the year with just some walking: 12,064 steps/8.86 km.

Monday, January 2: Some some walking and a set each of lower back and side extensions at home. My total steps for the day: 11,027/8.52 km

Tuesday, January 3: The least amount of walking in quite a while I think: 5,919 steps/4.41 km.

Wednesday, January 4: A little more walking than yesteday: 9,253 steps/7.1 km.

Thursday, January 5: And again a little more walking than yesterday: 17,585steps /13.3 km.

Friday, January 6: My first gym session after a long, long week of teaching and grading: back, lats, biceps, forarms, traps, lower back, leg extensions, and hamstring curls. My membership has 32 days remaining. 8,308 steps/6.15

Saturday, January 7:  A decent amount of steps today: 25,432 steps/19.3 km

Sunday, January 8: My second gym session of the month: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, lower back, sides, and lower ab. work that included a 65-second plank. A lot less walking than yesterday: 10,690 steps/7.98 km.

Monday, Janary 9: Slight less walking than yesterday: 9,869 steps/7.39 km.

Tuesday, January 10: A little more walking than yesterday: 14,380 steps/10.8 km.

Wednesday, January 11: Less walking than yesterday – quite a lot less walking: 8,347 steps/6.31 km. 

Thursday, January 12: A lot more walking than yestetday: 18,445 steps /14 km. 

Friday, January 13: Back in the gym for my third session of the month after a busy week wrapping up my winter classes: back, lats, biceps, forearms, traps, lower backs, abs, lower abs, lower back, two planks, leg extensions, hamstring curls, and calf raises. Another decent amount of walking: 15,970 steps/12.1 km.

Saturday, January 14: My second workout in two days and fouth for the month helped to clear those early January cobwebs: shoulders, triceps, chest, leg extensions, hamstring curls, sides, and a lottle more lower ab work. And a lot of walking for the first time in a while, and my legs actually felt a little tired:  28,528 steps/21. 8 km.

Sunday, January 15:  Today’s step: 15,295/11.5

Monday, January 16:  Today’s steps: 18,298/13.2

Tuesday, January 17: Today’s steps: 24,529/17.9 km

Wednesday, January 18: A rare morning workout, my fifth for the month, before my 9 am class: back, lats, biceps, lower abs, hip thrusts, leg extensions, and hamstring curls. 14,964 /10.9 km.

Thursday, January 19: My steps for the day: 12,547/9.07 km.

Friday, January 20: My steps for the day: 9,696/7.18 km.

Saturday, January 21: Back in the gym for my sixth workout: chest, shoulders, triceps, lower abs, lower back, leg extensions, and hamstring curls. And my steps for the day: 25,200/18.8 km.

Sunday, January 22: Another decent walking day: 21,059 steps/15.3 km.  

Monday, January 23: More walking: 27,866 steps/20.6 km.

Tuesday, January 24: My seventh gym session of the month and the coldest day for a long long time: back, lats, biceps, traps, leg extensions, hamstring curls, hip thrusts, sides, lower abs, and lower back. Well done! And I also walked quite a bit in a part of Seoul I’d never visited before: 22,104 steps/16.2 km.

Wednesday, January 25: I was really sore from yesterday’s gym session, so I just walked today: 17,121 steps/12.7 km.

Thursday, January 26:  I planned a gym session; I really did, but alas, it did not happen. My steps for the day: 15,364/ 11.1 km.

Friday. January 27: Another planned gym session didn’t happen, so just a lot of walking instead, but I am annoyed at myself: 25,380 steps/18.8 km.

Saturday, January 28: Workout number 8 involved chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, lower back, sides, and lower abs. I alao walked a lot again, exploring unexplored parts of Seoul: 25,215 steps/18.7 km.

Sunday, January 29: No gym again, but a fair amount of walking while exploring again: 21,630 steps/16 km.

Monday, January 30: More walking: 17,700 steps/12.8 km.

Tuesday, January 31: I ended the month with a lot of walking, but let’s face it, it was at the expense of gym time: 35,724 steps/26.2 km. Still, that was a lot of walking.


Starting Weight: 88.8 kg

Finish Weight: No comment.

Total Gym Sessions: 8

Total Steps: 545,507 steps.