February 2023 Fitness Diary!

Wednesday, February 1: An unusual morning workout started the month. Unusual in that my main purpose in going there was not to work out, but to take advantage of a limited offer of a discounted annual membership. It was announced last night and only applies to the first 100 people who apply for it. Luckily, I was in time and my membership expires in six days, so it was time to renew anyway. Well done, and thank you Trainer Joy! My workout consisted of lats, back, biceps, and the back part of the workout included my first use of a rowing machine in quite a few years.

Thursday, February 2: Just some walking. And I walked past my gym twice if that counts for anything.

Friday, February 3: I love it when a plan comes together. I successfully made it to the gym before 7 AM. The resulting workout, my first for the month, was a great one: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, leg extenstions, hip thrusts, hamstring curls, and lower abs, plus two minutes on the rowing machine doing some rowing. I hope to make such morning workouts a habit this year.

Saturday, February 4: Just some walking: 22,289 steps/16.3 km.

Sunday, February 5: I walked 8,326 steps/5.86 km, but most of that was in the early hours of the morning, and the rest of my day was 2023’s only hangover.

Monday, February 6: A little walking: 17,012 steps/12.7 km.

Tuesday, February 7: Just a little walking as I’m working a lot from home these days – morning class and afternoon interviews: 7,882 steps/5.8 km.

Wednesday, February 8: A little more walking: 15,693 steps/11.8 km.

Thursday, February 9: Back in the gym for a lats, back, biceps, and lower abs workout. It wasn’t as long as I had planned, but it felt good to workout again. And I walked quite a lot again: 22,975 steps/17.2 km.

Friday, February 10: I gymed it again: leg extensions, hip thrusts. hamstring curls, and one set each of calf raises, sides, and lower back extensions. I also did 2 quite intense minutes on a rowing machine. My total steps for the day: 12,303/8.84 km.

Saturday, February 11: Another good weights session – my fourth for the month, and in this one I tried a couple of new variations for shoulders, chest, and forearms: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, calves, sides, and lower back. And I included 2.5 minutes on a rowing machine. My steps for the day: 17,201/13 km.

Sunday, February 12: A lot of walking today: 30,074 steps/21.6 km.

Monday, February 13: Less walking: 9,006 steps/6.66 km, but a decent night gym session at night: back, lats, biceps. traps, calves, lower abs, sides, and lower back. Remind me not to go the gym around 8:30 PM. That seems to be the busiest time!

Tuesday, February 14: Just walking as I had a long day teaching from home: 13,828 steps/10.6 km.

Wednesday, February 15: More walking: 23,421 steps/16.7 km

Thursday, February 16: A night gym session: leg extensions, hip thrusts, hamstrings, calves, sides, lower back, and lower abs. My steps for the day: 13,828 steps/10.6 km.

Friday, February 17: No gym, it was another long day of teaching and interviewing, but I walked a fair distance: 17,338 steps/ 12.9 km.

Saturday, February 18: A really good upper body workout: shoulders, triceps, chest, lower abs, sides, and calves. My steps for the day: 11,529/8.46 km.

Sunday, February 19: No gym unfortunately, but I did a lot of walking. Not having any work to do really messed with my routine! 24,758 steps/18.3 km.

Monday, February 20: Like yesterday, but with more walking: 35,887 steps/26.7 km.

Tuesday, February 21: I’m in a cafe near my gym and I’m planning a solid session soon after the gym’s peak hours which I gather are around 7-9:30ish. I did indeed make it to the gym: lower abs, sides, lower back, calves, leg extensions, hamstring curls, and hip thrusts. My total steps for the day: 13,163 steps/9.64 km.

Wednesday, February 22: Just some walking: 12,871 steps/9.69 km.

Thursday, February 23:  A solid afternoon gym session: back, lats, biceps, forearms, traps, lower abs, sides, lower back, and calves. My steps for the day: 14,118 steps/10.4 km.

Friday, February 24: Just walking: 22,816 steps/16.7 km.

Saturday, February 25: Just walking again: 10,688 steps/7.85 km.

Sunday, February 26: Again just walking: 26,262 steps/18.6 km.

Monday, February 27: A morning workout: leg presses, hamstrings, hip thrusts, abs, lower abs, sides, lower back, and calves. My steps for the day: 20,388 steps/15. 3 km.

Tuesday, February 28: I finished the month with a gym session, my 11th of the month  and a little walking: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, calves, and a little lower ab work. My steps for the day: 10,218 steps/7.38 km.


Gym sessions: 11

Total Steps: 484,736 approx. at an average of 17,312 per day.