September 2021 Covid Fitness Diary!

Wednesday, Sept. 1: A little more walking on this the first day of a new semester: 14,980 steps/11 km.

Thursday, Sept. 2: A short but pretty intense workout: chest, shoulders, triceps, and traps, and my right arm is finally feeling better – not 100% yet, but closer to 100% than 80, that’s for sure.

Friday, Sept. 3: Just walking: 11,588 steps/8.15 km.

Saturday, Sept. 4: More walking: 12,505 steps/8.07 km

Sunday, Sept. 5: Yet more alking: 12,636 steps/8.97 km.

Wednesday, Sept. 8: Walking again: 10,913 steps/8.31 km.

Friday, Sept. 10: Walking: 11,553 steps/8.83 km.

Saturday, Sept. 11: Finally back in the gym for an admittedly short workout just shy of 25 minutes: bacl, lats, forearms, a little bicep work as my right brachialis muscle is still not 100%, sides, lower back, abs later at home, calves, leg extensions, one set of weightless squats, and hamstring curls. I also walked 10,785 steps/7.68 km and rode a bike for the first time in a long long time.

Monday, Sept. 13: Walking: 13,300 steps/9.86 km.

Tuesday, Sept. 14: More walking: 12,565 steps/9.47 km.

Wednesday, Sept. 15: And more walking: 17,488 steps/12.6 km.

Thursday, Sept. 16: An overdue return to the gym for 25 minutes of chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Friday, Sept. 17: For a change, some walking: 16,970 steps/12 km.

Saturday, Sept. 18: A lot of walking: 20,815 steps/14.9 km.

Monday, September 20: Walking and nothing else: 13,180 steps/9.93 km.

Friday, Sept. 24: Some walking and walking: 11,570 steps/8.14 km.

Saturday, Sept. 25: Back in the gym – finally! – for about 45 minutes of weights: back, lats, a little biceps, forearms, calves, weightless squats, leg extensions, leg presses, and hamstring curls. I also walked 16,030 steps/11.6 km.

Sunday, Sept. 26: Another walk: 11,970 steps/8.94 km.

Monday, Sept. 27: A walk: 11,268 steps/8.4 km.

Tuesday, Sept 28: I went for a walk, well, two walks to be precise: 12,186 steps/9.07 km.

Wednesday, Sept. 29: More walking: 10,462 steps/7.11 km.

And that was it for the month.