Bach’s BMV 999 “Little Prelude”

Back in high school, my guitar teacher gave me an arrangement of Bach’s ‘Little Prelude’, and I remember enjoying the challenge of learning it. Recently, while deciding which solo pieces to work on, this piece came to mind. It took a few months, but I thoroughly enjoyed the process of memorizing it again. Now that it’s recorded, I’ll try to not forget it again and to make it a staple of my regular practice routine. It had also been a while since I used my green screen  – I need a bigger one – and played around with Sony Vegas editing software.

November 2017 Fitness Diary

Wednesday, November 1: This month’s exercise diary began with no exercise at all.

Thursday, November 2: I took advantage of a class-free day to walk 23.5 kilometers and listen to a lot of music. Continue reading “November 2017 Fitness Diary”

October 2017 Fitness Diary!

Sunday, October 1: I walked about eight kilometers instead of going to the gym. Last month, I lost my exercising momentum partly because I started walking more and sweating less in the gym. I’m all for walking as exercise, but in my case it shouldn’t come at the expense of gym time and serious sweaty behavior.

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2017 Reading Dairy Part 3!


September began just as I was about a third of the way through the eighth and most recent Outlander novel entitled Written in My Own Heart’s Blood (2014).

On September 2, I completed part 2 and decided to delay reading the rest. I would like to keep going, but I also want to draw out the story for as long as possible as there is still no release date for the next book in the series. The author, Diana Gabaldon, has posted excerpts from it, so it’s well an truly on the way, but she warned readers not to expect publication this year. Hence, I’ll take temporary leave from the epic tale of Clair Fraser to diminish the waiting time should book 8 end on a cliffhanger. Continue reading “2017 Reading Dairy Part 3!”

September 2017 Fitness Diary!

Friday, Sept. 1: The month started with a nice weights session after lunch: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, thighs, hamstrings, lower back, and a few light sets for my calves and sides. I also worked around 18 kilometers, making the most of my pre-semester free time.

Saturday, Sept. 2: Rest day – a day of rest.

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TNKR on Arirang TV’s Heart to Heart

I make a few very brief appearances via a few photographs in this Arirang TV piece which focuses on Teach North Korean Refugees (TNKR), an NGO I’ve been volunteering with for several years now. Cofounders and friends Casey Lartigue Jnr. and Lee Eunkoo discuss founding the NGO and how it operates to serve the needs of the growing defector community. In the photo below the video, I’m working with Sharon who told part of her story to The Daily Mail a couple of years ago.

August 2017 Fitness Diary!

Tuesday, August 1: August started well with 10 street kilometers and a late-night weights and cardio workout: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, sides, and abs. The cardio session was a steep 13-minutes. (Cumulative Total: 13)

Wednesday, August 2: Just a decent amount of walking today. Approx 10 kilometers, and it was hot. Continue reading “August 2017 Fitness Diary!”

Photobucket in the News & Dead Links

July 7, 2017: Amazon, eBay Images Held to ‘Ransom’ by Photobucket

Well, Photobucket went just from free to $400 a year overnight with pretty much no notice, so if you see lots of dead photo links like the one below on this blog and my other sites, that’s why. I do hope to swap the dead links for live alternatives – and I just did that in a few posts – but it’s going to be a long, tedious, and arduous process, and I hate long, tedious, and arduous processes. Slow and steady wins the race, but it’s going to be a long, tedious, and arduous race. Thanks Photobucket.