The Korea Blog Awards & Reflections on 2014

The year 2014, my busiest ever as an amateur cult watcher, officially ended at the first annual Korean Blog Awards with a fun-filled night of networking and beering with friends old and new. You can read more about that night and my reflections on all the cultic events of 2014 right here.

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December 2014 Fitness Diary!

Saturday, December 6: Oops, after not exercising since the last day of November, I finally returned to the gym to start December’s fitness campaign with a solid back, lower back, biceps, traps, lats, and forearms workout that will hopefully reignite my desire to exercise most days… Continue reading “December 2014 Fitness Diary!”

November 2014 Fitness Diary!

Saturday, November 1: Just a light legs workout to start what will hopefully be a month full of exercise.

Monday, November 3: Back, biceps, lats, traps, and lower back. Continue reading “November 2014 Fitness Diary!”

October 2014 Fitness Diary!

Wednesday, October 1: October began with my first legs and core workout in almost three weeks. Due to cultic events beyond control, I almost got out of the habit of exercising. Now that a new month has begun, I’m extra super dedicated to getting back on track! Continue reading “October 2014 Fitness Diary!”

September 2014 Fitness Diary!

Monday, September 1: September began with a huge weights session: back, lats, biceps, thighs, inner thighs, calves, and forearms. Continue reading “September 2014 Fitness Diary!”

The Book Thief by John Williams

Here I am playing a theme from John Williams‘ latest score for The Book Thief (2013) when, and you’re not going to believe this, a real book thief breaks into my apartment and steals all my books. It was my own fault. I should have played something else.

August 2014 Fitness Diary!

Saturday, August 2: August’s fitness campaign began with a bang with a 2-hour workout: back, biceps, traps, lats, lower back, calves (340 reps), some stretching, and 30 kilometers on one of the gym’s seated exercise bikes. Continue reading “August 2014 Fitness Diary!”

tbs eFM Radio Interview!

 photo radio_zpsb23ae6f6.jpg

A big thank you to the crew at tbs eFM Seoul’s morning show for inviting me to join in their discussion about cults in Korea and the recent Yoo Byeung-eun saga. None of the questions (you can see my prepared notes below) I was sent the day before were actually asked, but that’s OK because Alex Jenson’s kind introduction blew me away. Continue reading “tbs eFM Radio Interview!”