November 2017 Fitness Diary

Wednesday, November 1: This month’s exercise diary began with no exercise at all.

Thursday, November 2: I took advantage of a class-free day to walk 23.5 kilometers and listen to a lot of music. Continue reading “November 2017 Fitness Diary”

October 2017 Fitness Diary!

Sunday, October 1: I walked about eight kilometers instead of going to the gym. Last month, I lost my exercising momentum partly because I started walking more and sweating less in the gym. I’m all for walking as exercise, but in my case it shouldn’t come at the expense of gym time and serious sweaty behavior.

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September 2017 Fitness Diary!

Friday, Sept. 1: The month started with a nice weights session after lunch: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, thighs, hamstrings, lower back, and a few light sets for my calves and sides. I also worked around 18 kilometers, making the most of my pre-semester free time.

Saturday, Sept. 2: Rest day – a day of rest.

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August 2017 Fitness Diary!

Tuesday, August 1: August started well with 10 street kilometers and a late-night weights and cardio workout: chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, sides, and abs. The cardio session was a steep 13-minutes. (Cumulative Total: 13)

Wednesday, August 2: Just a decent amount of walking today. Approx 10 kilometers, and it was hot. Continue reading “August 2017 Fitness Diary!”

July 2017 Fitness Diary!

Saturday, July 1: The month began with a weights session (lats, back, biceps, and calves) followed by a steep 22-minute treadmill session. I also walked about 12 kilometers as part of my new be-more-active-outside-the-gym initiative. (Cumulative Total: 22)

Sunday, July 2: Total rest day partly due to the rain.

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June 2017 Fitness Diary!

Thursday, June 1: I started the month with an 82-minute treadmill session. My original plan was for a short treadmill session and then an intense weights session, but the treadmill didn’t let me go. (Cumulative Total: 82)

Friday, June 2: Just an evening weights session: back, lats, biceps, calves, sides, abs, and lower back. Continue reading “June 2017 Fitness Diary!”

May 2017 Fitness Diary!

Monday, May 1: I made it to the gym after a huge power nap in my office and despite a lingering, annoying cold. The nap did me good though, and I ended up completing a pretty impressive – by my standards – workout: lats, biceps, back, abs, lower back, and 68 treadmill minutes. Not a bad start to the month. (Cumulative Total: 68)

Tuesday, May 2: Seventy-four treadmill minutes, and unless I’m mistaken, that’s my nagging cold taken care of. (Cumulative Total: 142) Continue reading “May 2017 Fitness Diary!”

April 2017 Fitness Diary!

Saturday, April 1: April began in fine fashion with a record-breaking 116 treadmill minutes split over two sessions separated by a shower and half a protein bar. (Cumulative Total: 116)

Sunday, April 2: My first home workout in years consisted of push-ups, shoulders, and calves.  Continue reading “April 2017 Fitness Diary!”