August 2021 Covid Fitness Diary!

Monday, August 2: A short 30-minute weights session:  calves, thighs, hamstrings, back, lats, and lower back.

Tuesday, August 3: An evening walk of 12,491 steps/8.94 km.

Wednesday, August 4: A night walk of 12,200 steps/8.87 km.

Thursday, August 5: A really really light workout. I don’t even really want to mention the body parts I exercised, but I will just for completeness: calves, thighs, hamstrings, traps, shoulders, triceps, and chest, and I will not be sore tomorrow, that’s for sure.

Monday, August 9: Another light workout: calves, thighs, hamstrings, lats, and back.

Tuesday, August 10: Some walking in the afternoon and eveing: 13,000 steps/9.1 km.

Sunday, August 15: My longest walk in a while: 20,300 steps/15.2 km.

Monday, August 16: More walking as I give my right arm a little more time to get better: 12,500 steps/8.92 km.

Thursday, August 19: More walking: 18,250 steps/13 km

Friday, August 20: More walking: 13,000 steps/9.22 km.

Sunday, August 22: My longest walk in a while: 23,933 steps/16.7 km.

Monday, August 23: Back in the gym just for legs, lower back, and traps. I also walked 14,600 steps/10.5 km

Tuesday, August 24: More walking: 23,700 steps/17.1 km.

Wednesday, August 25: I walked 10,570 steps/7.73 km.

Friday, August 27: Finally, a decent gym session and my right arm is feeling better: calves, weightless squats, leg presses, hamstring curls, sides, lower back, traps, chest, shoulders, and triceps. I also walked 10,500 steps/7.83 km.

Saturday, August 28: More walking: 12,675 steps/8.58 km.

Tuesday, August 31: Back in the gym on a rainy day and the last day of the summer vacation: squats, calves, hamstrings, sides, lower back, lats, back, forearms, and some bicep curls – I was very careful with my right arm which still doesn’r feel 100%.