January 2017 Fitness Diary!

My goal for the year is to weigh X kilograms by the end of 2017. That will require a monthly weight loss of 1.1 kilograms. That is an achievable goal if I increase treadmill minutes, exercise regularly, AND watch what I eat. Put like that, it sounds so easy! The exercise part won’t be a problem. And I do always watch what I eat, I just don’t “watch” what I eat. That’s the trick.

Sunday, January 1: A rest to start the year after a fun night performing music. My gym was closed anyway.

Monday, January 2: Sixty and three treadmill minutes to begin the year. (Cumulative Total: 63)

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December 2016 Fitness Diary!

Thursday, December 1: A sweaty start to the month with 24 treadmill minutes:

Friday, December 2: Ditto. Continue reading “December 2016 Fitness Diary!”

November 2016 Fitness Diary!

Tuesday, November 1: I began November’s fitness campaign with a rest day.

Wednesday, November 2: Twenty-two treadmill minutes was today’s effort. I really need to eat less (and exercise more).

Thursday, November 3: A much-needed and long over-due weights session (chest, shoulders, triceps, traps, calves, and a little core work) was followed by 24 treadmill minutes. Continue reading “November 2016 Fitness Diary!”

October 2016 Fitness Diary!

Saturday, October 1: I’m still weary of weights due to a lateral muscle strain, but the treadmill doesn’t bother it, so on one I hopped to start October’s fitness campaign:

Sunday, October 2: Cardio again. I had hoped to stay on the treadmill longer, but the incline malfunctioned and increased despite all my button pushing to the contrary: Continue reading “October 2016 Fitness Diary!”

September 2016 Fitness Diary!

Thursday, September 1: Just a quick 10-minute run to start the month and the new semester. I left home later than planned and had no time for any exercise beyond those ten minutes:

Friday, September 2: A weights session that almost didn’t happen. I arrived at the gym feeling tired, so I read for about an hour, and that didn’t help at all. I summoned all my strength and made it to the weights area for a solid core and legs workout. Cardio is on tomorrow’s menu. Continue reading “September 2016 Fitness Diary!”

August 2016 Fitness Diary!

Monday, August 1: This month’s goal to exercise most days got off to a good start with a cardio session, albeit one that was rudely interrupted by an important phone call:

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July 2016 Fitness Diary!

Friday, July 1: July’s fitness campaign began with a weights session: back. lats, biceps, calves, forearms, and lower back.

Saturday, July 2: My first cardio session of the month was accompanied by music from The BFG, John Williams’ latest score:

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June 2016 Fitness Diary!

Friday, June 3: A short cardio session to start the month of June:

Tuesday, June 7: A slightly shorter cardio session as I was pretty pushed for time due to having so many student assignments to read, reread, and mark: Continue reading “June 2016 Fitness Diary!”